Saturday 1 March 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for February

The five most popular posts of the month were:

1. In Defence of White Dee
2. Obituary: Stuart Hall
3. Why UKIP Will Not Die
4. Identity Politics and Intersectionality
5. The Desperation of the Right

So, White Dee pips Stuart Hall for this month's crown. Does that suggest anything about the state of contemporary Britain? Don't ask me, I'm a sociologist.

It's always gratifying to see a couple of posts from the last week make the grade too. There is a large appetite for all things intersectional. Therefore it would not be sporting if I wasn't to also share Intersectionality and Postmodern Feminism again. That was meant to be the promised piece on intersectionality, class and socialism but the intro took on a life of its own. Not to worry, it will appear in due course.

Also, for some reason, February without fail is my most awkward month for blogging. I don't know what it is but the second month of the year finds me reading more books or just plain lazy than any other time of the year. Long-term readers will recall that's when I threw the towel in a few years back too. Not to worry, there's plenty to write about and I have a mojo full of words. I bet you can hardly wait.

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