Monday 24 March 2014

Dale Spender on Feminism

No, I haven't passed on nor has the blog gone into hiatus. Instead I've been struck down with the flu, and the culprit is between one of my students one of the Stoke North hopefuls. So to put down a blogging marker, as it were, here's something that came my way courtesy of Cat Grant.


Gary Elsby said...

The statement just isn't true.
The suffragettes were openly regarded as terrorists who tried to kill people.

Anonymous said...

Total and absolute bollocks of the most insidious kind.

Phil said...

The feminist milkshake brings all the idiots to the yard.

Gary Elsby said...

I'm not sure of the comments made by anon or you Phil.
Are they aimed at my response or of the article?
The suffragettes used petrol bombs, knives, hammers and tried to kill a Prime Minister.
They were undoubtedly terrorists and were jailed for acts of terrorism.
They were not a peaceful organisation and did not operate under a democracy or democratic accountability.
They organised under a dictatorship and expelled anyone questioning the dictatorship including Pankhurst's own daughter who was also thrown out of the UK into Australia.

Phil said...

How many suffragettes murdered political opponents, Gary?

Sometimes unjust laws require extra-legal action to get rid of them. As a supporter of the miners in 1984-5, I thought you realised that.

Gary Elsby said...

I didn't say I disagreed with the causes of women during that period and as usual, you shoot the messenger.
The suffragettes planted bombs with the intention of killing people.
The very idea that women of that day were passive is nonsense.
The huge internal arguments of that day centred on the reason of terrorist activity of which expulsion took place and terrorism forwarded.
I'm pointing out that Feminists today are mis-representing history and are nowhere near what they were then.
I thought it a touch of class to name the Manchester memorial hall I honour of Richard Pankhurst of which Emily and co were invited to the opening.
They were not let in as it was 'men only'.
The rest is history.
Yes, I support the miners then and now as they were right.