Thursday 5 December 2013

The Conservative Record in Government

A reminder.


u6c00 said...

I agree with many of these, but some seem rather opportunist and were problems under the previous government.

I'm referring specifically to housing bubble, docile mainstream media, GCHQ spying (we just didn't know about it then) and secret courts. In the family courts there's actually a pretty big drive towards transparency and openness going on under Sir James Munby.

Still angry though!

Anonymous said...

How about a similar list for the last Labour government including crippling levels of debt, NHS scandals and sinking down education league tables despite record expenditure?

Phil said...

If you're so moved, why not build one yourself? I'm not a poster-making service.

Anonymous said...

Crippling levels of debt, caused by the banking crisis? Exacerbated by a pointless war in 2 countries? Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the previous government either, but lets not pretend we wouldn't have trouble under a tory government either.