Sunday 1 December 2013

Five Most Popular Posts for November

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. It's Time to Scrap Pairing
2. How London-Centric is Political Blogging?
3. Stoke Labour and Political Crisis
4. Day of the Doctor - Review
5. Capitalism, Asperger's and Autism

Nice to see some political commentary rise to the top in November. But what has left me non-plussed is the inexplicable popularity of the piece about Stoke-on-Trent's local politics. Well, perhaps inexplicable is the wrong word. We're not talking flying saucers or anything. I hypothesise that either the audience for blogs about Stoke's political scene is bigger than I thought, or, since Stoke North MP Joan Walley announced her retirement, would-be successors from across the country are treating it as a crash course in all things Stokie. Who knows?

Two plugs for those that missed the top five, just because I can. The first is Campaign for a Permanent Labour Majority, which isn't as trite as it sounds. 'Politics and Social Engineering' would be a more accurate title for the piece. The second is Stupid Empiricism and the Conservative Party.

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