Wednesday 2 October 2013

Tory Conference Quickie

Tonight I was going to write about Conservative Party conference using the same Tory Twitter sample as last week. But now the foam and palpitations have calmed right down, they're all a boring lot really. One waxes about "learning or earning" as if the secret of the Philosopher's Stone stood revealed to him. And another says Dave's speech was "electric". If this flat, uninspiring and, gasp, weak read of the auto cue was sparking off energy, you can understand why Ed's ever-so-slightly-left keynote tipped their ilk into meltdown.

Still, I'm sure some found inspiration in Osborne's "rising sun" and Dave's absurd notion that Britain under his government is "a land of opportunity". All I got was a sense they could offer nothing more than flat metaphors filched from cliched Maoist and Blairite mantras. Still, in attacking the LibDems over their claim on taking the lowest paid out of tax I felt a bit smug that this prediction about a new battleground in the coming election has been confirmed already.

Right. Time for a music interlude.

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