Tuesday 1 October 2013

Five Most Popular Posts for September

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. UK's Top 50 Worst Political Blogs 2013
2. Syria: Three Questions for Vince Cable
3. Ed, Falkirk and the Westminster Bubble
4. Ted Grant and Trotskyism
5. The Politics of Royal Mail Privatisation

I know from past experience that a list - seemingly any list - tickles the belly of internet-travelling political people. And though the Top 50 may have been a bit of a fail in terms of the smaller numbers who participated than was the case in 2010 and the fact Socialist Unity won, the audiences loved it. Hey, next year maybe some more of you might actually vote?

But this has perhaps been one of the most personally gratifying months since the blog rebooted last October. Why? Because, for the first time, all my pieces of 'straight' political commentary are getting a respectable showing. Who knows, perhaps a £35k/annum gig churning out a couple of columns every week for The Indy lurks around the corner? Wotevs. I confess, I found these sorts of posts difficult to write back when it was all Brownites vs Blairites. Whether the ease with which they pour off my keyboard now is down to my being a better writer, or merely a symptom of deepening political degeneration I leave for you to judge.

Lastly, what's this month's also-ran worthy of a second look? It's got to be Bawbags and Fatherhood.


Robert said...

why the picture of a cow turd?

Phil said...

The pic for the top five posts each month is thematic and based on the most popular of my missives. As crap blogs were the most read, I've illustrated this one thus.