Saturday 6 July 2013

Seven More Songs for the Summer

We've been here before. That seldom-seen golden globe is beating down from a clear sky and baking Britain to a crisp. It is the time of Pimms, sunburn, knotted hankies and utterly superb music. In this summer is unique among the seasons for demanding a soundtrack. And never one to be backwards about coming forward with my cultivated and stylish taste in all things electronic, here are seven more songs for the summer. Be advised: best heard loud.

Sadly, no one does memes and tagging any more on blogs. *Sigh*, another casualty of social media. But to try and jumpstart this long-dead tradition, I hereby tag Andy and Tony, Anna, Louise, and Darren.


Eliza_Mariah said...

Ah, I loved the days of memes and tagging!

Phil said...

Bringing them back - sounds like a challenge!