Sunday 28 July 2013

Dr Who and Women

Hat tip to @catherinebuca for pointing me in the direction of the STFU Moffat tumblr about the vexatious relationship between Dr Who and women. Or, rather, that that exists for the show's lead writer, Steven Moffat. Basically, long-time readers who liked these pieces will very much enjoy what's on offer.

Below, for example, is typical of the crap that is take on and challenged. This from 'Gustaff', a guest writer at Doctor Who TV website on whether the next Doctor should be a woman:

“I can’t imagine this change happening to the Doctor any time soon as it would cause all sorts of problems. The first would be his sense of identity. For 1200 years he’s been male. What sort of psychological damage would it inflict if he suddenly found himself female? That’s like going from being the smartest kid in class to the dumbest in zero seconds flat. What sort of self would you have left if all the other morons in your class suddenly had IQs which made yours look like a joke?”



Stephen Flaunden said...

Didn't Orlando change gender as she/he travelled through time?

Gary Elsby said...

Hasn't the spot been given to Paul McGann?

Anonymous said...

i have a reverence for the creative process that inclines me against the dr being a woman unless it is part of the creative nature of the show. i have read of the proposal in the eighties that joaane lumley do it and cant think of anyone today who would have done it as well as her.
i think that feminists should instead be calling for and working to create more female hereoes full stop. after all wonder woman was created by a phychologist who saw the importance of powerful female role models for young girls and women.

Phil said...

There are plenty of superheroines out there, Anon. But you have to ask the question why none of them enjoy the kind of prominence enjoyed by Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.