Sunday 4 July 2010

North Staffs TUC Blog: It Lives!

Here's the welcome/about statement for the new blog. Can anyone could point me in the direction of other trades councils' blogs?

Welcome to the new blog for North Staffordshire’s Trade Union Council.

NSTUC is an active, campaigning organisation that brings together trade unionists from all over North Staffordshire. It exists as a lay body of activists delegated by their respective trade union branches to launch campaigns, deliver solidarity, and help coordinate the actions of the local labour movement. Among our regular activities are organising public meetings, mobilising for demonstrations and marches, anti-fascist activity, days out, and much, much else besides.

Our meetings are open to all trade unionists. If your branch is not affiliated you can arrange it via
the website.

In recent years as the numbers of local strikes and campaigns have mushroomed so has the visibility of NSTUC. This blog intends to enhance that visibility by carrying news of upcoming activities, reports, and information of use to all workers in North Staffs – whether a member of a trade union or not.

As contributors to this blog hail from a variety of political and trade union backgrounds, all views expressed here should be taken as those of the individual author and not the trades council as a whole.


Steve Sweeney said...

We have a new blog for the Huntingdon and St. Neots Trades Council. Our address is probably the longest in the world!

We have a demo this Saturday 10th July against the proposals to franchise the management of Hinchingbrooke Hospital to the private sector, the first move of its kind in the NHS

Phil said...

Nice one. I'll include you in next month's round up and stick a link on the NSTUC blog.

Nick said...

Hi Phil. I'm President of Lincoln TUC and we want to set up a blog. Any advice you can give us? Cheers!

Phil said...

Depends what advice you need, Nick. If you want to set up a blog I recommend you go with Wordpress. The interface now is very user friendly (much better than Blogger) and everything is easy to follow. Beyond that make sure all your members know about it, get in touch with the regional TUC to make sure it gets a plug, and just give it a bit of promotion on other blogs.

Once you've set up I'll make sure you get a plug in the next round up on here and Socialist Unity.