Thursday, 12 November 2009

Go See This Show

Speaking of strange people ... fellow blogger, troll-eater and all-round good egg Daniel Hoffman-Gill has a new comedy show called Poles Apart coming out shortly. Daniel writes:
Poles Apart is about when me and my mate Mark went to Poland last year to get a job, in an effort to single-handedly reverse the immigration trend.

We spent two weeks as immigrants and ate a lot of lard, we came home and made a show about our adventures that includes traditional Polish dance, moustaches, jokes about Russians and Poland's leading avant-garde theatre co-operative re-enacting the Gdansk iron ore factory strike of 1963. It may also feature "BNP the sit-com..."

It's on at the Lowry, Manchester on the 26th November at 7:45pm and the RichMix on Bethnal Green Road, London as part of their immigration season on the 27th and 28th November at 7:30pm sharp and I think they are providing quality Polish vodka for the audience and some sausage.

More info on Poles Apart is here:

More info on the Richmix is here:
He adds
Hope to see you there and please spread the word in any way you can, perhaps giving us a plug on your blog as this is a good piece of theatre that tackles the lies spread about immigration head on.
Sounds good. Go see.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Thanks for this Phil, you're a legend and if any A Very Public Sociologist readers do come, please stick around and make yourself known to me!

skidmarx said...

and some sausage
Fnnr,fnnr.Like Equus is it?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Definitely not! But if you pay extra...

Oh and Phil, you may be happy to know that one of our mutual racist trolls must have seen this post and then has gone to Lib Con to impersonate me.

Poor, sad bastard, I wonder if he'll come to the show?

Imposs1904 said...


this is the only show in town:

'Are You Smarter Than a 4th Internationalist?'

It dates from March of this year, and I believe Paul is of your fine (political) parish.

Phil said...

I remember it well as I watched that episode. I think I managed to get a couple right, lol.