Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another Strange Person Writes

One of the hazards of being a moderately successful socialist blogger is the tendency to attract strange people. This blog has seen trolls of the fascist moonbat variety. There's been racists with bizarre grievances against other bloggers. And occasionally close comrades have been lucky enough to receive peculiar letters.

On Monday this fine tradition continued when an unsolicited email dropped into my inbox. Take a look for yourself:
Dear Phil

I am writing to send you the song 'Gordon Brown be my Angel', which fetched me a thank-you letter from the Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Please listen to my song "Gordon Brown be my Angel" here.

Brahms Lullaby
Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
Will you be my angel?
Guardian angel is what I meant
Will you rescue my soul?
For you are in charge
Of these people I wrote to
Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
Let me place my trust in you
Gordon Brown! MP’s!
Let me sing out loud
For what you do, for my country
For my reproductive system
You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
I am desperate for you
Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
I’m a violated woman
Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
Help me sleep like a baby
Will my babies ever come out?
Maternal desires!
I lost my womanhood
In a sinister curse
Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
You are perfect for that!
Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown
Chase the devil for me!!

Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown
We’re all thinking about you
All the time, day and night
You are here to help me!
Uphold justice, apply the law
Fill the gaps in the system
There’re loopholes, they ain’t good
I continue to suffer
Please act fast cos people forget things
My whole load of witnesses!
Go find out from your 8 MP’s
Human life can be tragic!!
Gordon Brown, lift my hope
Bless my country for now please!
Legal history will be made

Pseudonym ‘Eva Jo Frogster’

The song is about the sexual offence of procuring women by false pretenses, which was outlawed 124 years ago and is illegal under Sections 74 and 76 of the Sexual Offences Act (2003). In the 2006 Harvinder S Jheeta case, it was treated as rape by fraud when the criminal conviction was laid down.
I honestly don't know what to make of this!


HarpyMarx said...

Frame it!

Phil BC said...


Do you ever get any weird emails from readers?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I'm with Harpy, frame it, after you've traced the IP address.

And you know me Phil, I get plenty of heat from odd readers...

HarpyMarx said...

Yeah, we all get 'odd'..though I count myself with that defintion.

Nah, haven't had weird emails, well other than spam emails explaining to me the wonders of Viagra, propositions and people wanting to borrow money.

Ah, still waiting for the fan mail as well.

I don't get weird and surreal keyword searches either.... you and Splintered Sunrise get some real humdingers.

Daniel, ahhhh, tracing the old IP address, how I know that one.

Anonymous said...

I once got sim cards sent to me through the post and an email from a Russian Satanic cult threatening to pray for my death.

Beat that anyone!

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts, now I've finished watching the video, this is far weirder than anything I've ever received.

Seán said...

Without wishing to demean or put off the Pseudonymous Eva Jo Frogster from further creative adventures - but the songs are, well, really quite shit.

Sorry Eva Jo.

skidmarx said...

Maybe it's therapy for childhood abuse or for being landed with the surname Frogster.

I assume the reson you get fascist trolls is because of your good work putting stuff up attacking them. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious that this person is mentally unwell in some way - just look at her listed interests on her YouTube profile. So it's a bit out of order for socialists to publicly mock her like this.

Eva Jo Frogster said...

eh? My IP address is nothing interesting, do you want me to give it to you?
As for the 'mentally unwell', being upset from the status of being a victim of criminal offences is as mentally unwell as I can be. I get studied by sociologists and I am perfectly sane, having more phone calls with my Member of Parliament's office than I have with my friends. I have had high levels of dehydroepiandrosterone within my body to protect me from any serious 'mental unwellness' and also

statistically over 65% of people have a great laugh when then listen to my song, the rest think it's strange or they don't understand English/Current affairs so I'm not bothered if anyone thinks it's shit, because lots of people disagree with that. Besides, this song is FREE OF CHARGE to listen to, so there's nothing to lose.

the police have already given written approval for me to sing this thing right in front of Parliament; but I have to pay the Council hundreds of pounds and haven't got equipment yet.

And I didn't know what any of these blogs were until a few days ago. I don't have the time to read the blogs, I just send my song everywhere- hehehe

also Frogster IS NOT my real surname! I have learned not to use my real name for complicated legal reasons

Eva Jo Frogster said...

The sociologist who studies me massively is Dr Sally Caldwell- (Texas)

not from my country at all

Eva Jo Frogster said...

Also I was taking the piss on my 'list of interests on youtube' there are so many vile and vulgar youtube users and I do not like to really share my interests and personal life with them, hence writing bullshit on my youtube profile and for the same reason I've never written a blog. I do not see how you can possibly tell whether someone is mentally well or unwell from digital means, when you have never been anywhere near that person in your life. Besides if you were also a victim of sociopathic manipulation statistically there would be a very good chance you'd be dead. That's not ideal and you'd not have the luxury of thinking about whether you're "mentally unwell" (or whether you're being publicly mocked)- to me that's a fancy and elaborate description for the word 'unhappy'.

Albert Einstein said, 'make things as simple as possible, but no simpler'.