Friday 27 February 2009

Staythorpe Power Station Protest

After watching the clip of construction workers protesting about the bosses' refusal to employ local labour, no doubt some will write these workers off as "racist morons". But as far as I'm concerned this underlines the need for the left to be involved, or would it be better that chauvinist ideas are left to fester unhindered?

Background to the protest can be read here and here. There's an interesting report and discussion at Socialist Unity too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Phil, Dom here from SP Winchester branch, can you please email me about a political matter I could use your help with. Sorry to leave this in a comment but I didn't know how else to contact you. We're setting up a huge local SP library and I'm writing an ojnline catoloag for it. Havin broken the books up into sections I need to write a short one pargraph or two introduction, could you maybe write sometihng on socilogicy for me? If you can email me that would be great and I'll send you the book list so you know what your woriing with,

Highlander said...

Ye, "What do we want? Foreigners Out" isn't a great clarion call is it? Hopefully not a big leap to "What do we want? Bosses out"