Thursday 19 February 2009

Conference: Stopping the BNP in North Staffs

Stoke-on-Trent is, to use Nick Griffin's own words, the "jewel in the BNP's crown". At present they have nine councillors and hope to use this year's European elections as a springboard for a serious challenge in Stoke Central in the upcoming general election and as a base to gain more seats at next year's council elections. The North Staffs Campaign Against Racism and Fascism aims to stop them. The conference advertised below will explore how we're going to do it.

CONFERENCE: Stopping the Far-Right in North Staffordshire

How do we ensure that Far-Right political movements don’t thrive in the “Credit Crunch”?

What can we do to counter apathy and disillusionment among voters?

How can we promote understanding, trust and co-operation between communities?

Ashley Building, Staffordshire University, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2DF

Saturday 7th March 1- 6pm


1.00 Introduction, followed by a performance of Night of the Broken Glass
(sponsored by the New Vic Theatre).


Building a Local Campaign Against the Far- Right

The European Election Campaign and Voter Identification

‘Game On’ Raising Awareness: Racism and Football

Panel discussion and plenary session

There will also be refreshment breaks and opportunities for informal discussion and networking

Remember… “All that is required for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”

Register by:

Writing to us at PO Box 1960, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 1WF

Phoning or texting 07778 913528

Emailing Sarah on sarah.norscarf 'at'

Participation will be free.


brother_f said...

just informed my union branch about this, should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts (from experience, not armchair musings - stop talking less about 'communities' and more about class.

Anonymous said...

I meant, don't talk about communities but class!

The Sentinel said...

brother f,

1) What business is this of your uinion?

2) What mandate does your union have to interfere in matters outside of workplace issues?

3) What mandate would your union have to take it upon itself to effectively decide which legal political parties are acceptable for peoples votes?

4) If your unions members wanted to vote for the BNP or become members would they be expelled or discriminated against?

5) If so, what mandate - or indeed legal right - would your union have to interfere in the freedom of speech and the freedom of political activity of its members?

brother_f said...

@ the sentinel- get a life. Even the most brain dead right winger knows that unions have a history of opposing the far right and racism.

Phil said...

Sentinel, I suggest you read our last exchange on trade unionism and try and understand what I wrote. Then you'll have answers to your questions.

But you and I know you're not really looking for an answer, don't we? Troll on my friend, troll on.

The Sentinel said...

brother f,

These are very simple questions - and ones that you quite obviously cannot answer.

To say they have a history of doing it so its OK is ludicrous - What MANDATE do they have to do it? What business is it of theirs? Who are they to decide who people can and cannot vote for?

And you people have the front to call yourselves 'anti-fascists'!! Don't make me laugh.


I very much want an answer to these questions - thats why I asked them.

You didn't answer these questions at all Phil so it is ridiculous to allude to some cryptic zen type meaning to what you have said - these are very simple questions, can you answer them or not?

But of course, in the absence of any substance you can always wheel out the insults and ad hominem instead can you not?

Phil said...

Read the thread where we discussed trade unionism and then think about and understand what was said. Then you might just arrive at an answer.

The Sentinel said...

I see, no answer then.

Phil said...

Troll on my friend.

The Sentinel said...

Just pure ad hominem, and for very obvious purposes Phil. Very transparent.

Simple question = simple answer - nothing complicated here.

You haven't answered this question at all and neither did brother_f.

You said pretty much the same as brother_f, that the unions have along history of doing it (which is not a mandate) and that they 'use politics to influence workplace practice' - still no mandate. But even if you accepted that, what justification - what mandate - do they have for interfering in democratic elections involving legal political parties? What business is that of workplace representation scheme?

But as I say, your motivations here are very obvious.

Boffy said...


I tried to email you from your mail link in your profile, but it came back undeliverable. Could you mail me for a discussion on this.