Wednesday 22 October 2008

Stoke Politics Gossip

Intriguing gossip reaches my ear this evening. If you're not interested in Potteries tittle-tattle, then move along.

Because it is gossip, it may be true. It may be false. But the truth will out.

Rumour #1: There's some competition among Stoke's Tories for their candidate for the mayoral election (should it take place) this coming May. I hear, as you would expect, Cllr Roger Ibbs is in the running. But he faces stiff competition from ... Anthea Turner.

Rumour #2: While David Cameron is keen to put clear blue water between himself and Margaret Thatcher, it seems no one told Keele Conservative Future. Our Tory friends, who regrettably have been the largest political grouping on campus for some time, are campaigning to bestow the honour of being KUSU's ambassador upon the Iron Lady.

Rumour #3: To boost their chances of ascending high office in the mayoral election, the BNP are said to have drafted in their biggest gun. That's right, the fuhrer himself, Nick Griffin may be contesting the mayoralty for the BNP and has, apparently, gone to the extraordinary length of acquiring a property in Stoke to enable him to do so. If true, did the dosh come out of Griffin's pocket or did he extract it from the BNP's increasingly threadbare coffers? And will the gamble show Griffin to be their biggest asset, or just an ass?

Also quick plug to a newish local Stoke blog, Pits'n'Pots. Everything you needed to know about The Potteries but were afraid to ask about sums it up!


Tony said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for dropping into pitsnpots and leaving your comments. It seems to be taking off for us thankfully. Our aim is to bring the party voice back into the city instead of just hearing the EMB and the BNP.
I have put a link to your blog on our site and thanks for doing the same. We look forward to hearing more from you.

ModernityBlog said...


I'd assume that some rather wealthy fascist would independently bank roll Giffin's efforts and keep tabs on such a property so it could be returned to them, when it has served it purpose.

They might trust Giffin directly but not want to put the money straight into the BNP?

anything is possible with this fascist scum.

stroppybird said...

"he faces stiff competition from ... Anthea Turner. "


Phil said...

No longer, we voted to get rid of our mayor :) I should be writing something more substantial about this weekend.

Frank Partisan said...

Most blogs from the UK are sophisticated about US politics. Americans no next to nothing about UK politics.

They may a little bit about Blair.