Monday 6 October 2008

Another Black Monday

The question is, how many more will there be?

FTSE 100 - 4589.19, -391.06 (-7.85%)

Dax - 5387.01, -410.02 (-7.07%)

Cac 40 - 3711.98, -368.77 (-9.04%)

Dow Jones - 9955.50, -369.88 (-3.58%)

Nasdaq - 1862.96, -84.43 (-4.34%)


Robert said...

It has proved one thing Banks cannot go to the wall and governments will move hills to save them, if I was a banker I'd be saying well love we can do it all again in a few months. (Except Iceland)

Sadly it's going to hurt people badly with pensions next dropping benefits for people unable to work and we do have some, and those who can work will find it harder to say in work. as for my self all I can say we asked for this.

Anonymous said...

Badly off-topic I know, but I have just seen an old routine of Omid Djalili - dancing in the style of a Warwick PhD student with a love of Morrisey.

Tell me you do not like Morrisey, or I will not read your blog ever again.

Anonymous said...

Morrisey is awesome, what is wrong with you? Do you have some sort of disorder that makes good things terrible?

Steph Mulrine said...

Every Black Monday we have, seemingly every other week, only tells me that I should pay off some off the money on my store cards. And that I should eat bread for tea and not splash out on trout!

Duncan said...

It might be time to start calling these days just Monday.

Phil said...

Anon, I have a few of Morrisey's works laying about the house - but these days I'm more of a plinky-plonk techno trancey dancey boy.