Tuesday 19 August 2008

Look At Me!

There's a new meme on the block that should be up every blogger's street. Let's strip away all the right-on reasons for blogging and get down to brass tacks. It's all about vanity isn't it? We write so we can show off how brainy and knowledgeable we are. And we want other people to know it, don't we? Well, this meme is designed to show our best face. It's very simple. The Showcasin' Meme wants you to pick your ten best/favourite posts and list them for all to see. The only rules are the collection must be authored by you - not a guest poster or a repost from another blog/website/paper (but interviews are fine). They also have to be at least one month old. And you have to tag seven other bloggers with the meme.

Here are mine in no discernible order:

Problems With Porn

Touching Base With Managerialism

Democratising Public Services

Politics is in the Blood ...

Defining Neoliberalism

Sexing Up Sociology

Tories Target Trade Union Political Funds

Some Problems of Partisan Social Movement Research

The Other Black Gold

Baudrillard Again

I think my vanity is satisfied now. Right, over to you. I hereby tag Life is a Question, Harpymarx, Jim Jay, Leftwing Criminologist, Andy, Splinty and Cruella.


Anonymous said...

The Smurfs, forsooth. Asterix is the only true anti-imperialist!

Phil said...

I think you're being unfair on Papa Smurf. He did sterling anti-fascist work for the Belgian resistance in the war. And he wears a big red hat to remind us about it.

JS.Ray said...

the smurfs are commies, aren't they? you ever googled 'smurfs and communism'>