Sunday 24 August 2008

Bloggy Links

It's the bank holiday weekend, my brain doesn't want to work, and leftyblogland is reclining in its comfy red armchair - the perfect opportunity to put out a post drawing attention to recent changes in the old blogroll. For eagle-eyed watchers of the AVPS list o' links, I have two questions. First, have you not got a life? Second, can you spot who the new kids on the block are? If not, here they are for you in glorious technicolor: ACME Politics, Adopted Domain, Benjamin Solah, Bevan Foundation, Bird of Paradox, Devizes Melting Pot, Don Paskini, Feministing, Get There Steppin', Life is a Question, Musin' and Confusin', Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, Some Roses Are Red, The Bead Shop, The LEFT Alternative, and TransGriot.

There are a couple of blogs that deserve an additional mention. First is The Commune. This blog is the latest project from David Broder of, erm, David Broder fame. In a move that didn't surprise seasoned sect watchers, he has left the AWL over the recent would-it-be-wrong-to-condemn-Israel-if-they-attacked-Iran debate. The whole story is played out at Shiraz Socialist here. If you want my opinion (and you're going to get it seeing this is my blog) it shows some on the left have still got a lot of growing up to do (loyalty pledges FFS!)

The second blog I want to mention is Red Star Solidarity. A while ago I put a blog by a Solidarity comrade on my most wanted and at last one has turned up. So please do visit and add him to your blogrolls.

I can't well disappear while I've still got verbal diarrhoea, so a couple of more bloggy mentions are in order. Dave Osler has got all consultative with his audience and has asked them for feedback. So if you've ever had the desire to denounce him as a reformist ex-trot renegade from revolutionary Marxism, now's your chance. Also the next Carnival of Socialism is imminent over at The Daily (Maybe). If you have a left blog there's no reason why you shouldn't volunteer for an upcoming carnival, so what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Phil, 'Red Star Solidarity' is run by an individual named Larry Morton who has a conviction for racist harassment against a former SSP member.
As far as I am aware Solidarity have disowned him.

Phil said...

Cheers for the heads up, Eddie. I'll do some checking ...

Anonymous said...


Hello Phil BC, thank you for the linky love, have reciprocated!

*curtseys politely*

Tom said...

Hi Phil, just wanted to say thanks for the pedantry (and some of these links!).

Left you a reply.

Frank Partisan said...

I'm going to surf the blogs.

In October Graeme is moving to Minnesota. That's going to be fun.

ian said...

Thanks for supplying these blogs. Gave me something different to look at on a boring BH monday.



Anonymous said...

Here's a new blog.

Respectable Citizen said...

Thanks for the endorsement.

I rate yours and LeftWing Criminolgists blogs highly, have you ever thought of combining with other sociological socialist blogs for a group blog?

Culture Vulture said...

We've reviewed Dave Osler's blog here.