Sunday, 18 May 2008

It's Eurovision Week!

Once a year a small group of socialists forget their internationalism and spurn the bonds that tie our class together across national borders. They hold aloft their country's flag and make like it's 1914 all over again. For one night the most ugly nationalist bile spews forth from their mouths as they huddle in front of their TV sets. Only one occasion can turn the most principled of comrades into unabashed chauvinists, and that event would be the Eurovision Song Contest.

That's right. Eurovision is taking place this weekend and the BC household cannot wait! The UK entry, Andy Abrahams' Even If may well be forgettable tosh, but it's our tosh, and he deserves douze pois all round just because he's the UK entry.

You'll find the usual tacky rubbish among the rest of the entries. But there are a couple whose chances I fancy.

Behold, Gisela's Casanova:

She represents the mighty Andorra and has, as far as I'm concerned, the least worst song in the competition ... except for these guys, Iceland's Euroband:

Brilliant vid and utterly camp, it has got to be the most perfect thing Eurovision has seen in years. East European voting blocs withstanding, surely it will win?


Geoff Collier said...

What time does the voting start? That's the only bit worth watching.

And speaking of Eurovision, do people view Franco in a slightly better light now that his opposition to Cliff Richard has been revealed?

catherine buca said...

The BC household is split this year, as I shall be merrily cheering on that most entertaining of entries, S├ębastien Tellier from France (although I admit a certain fondness for Iceland's entry too – in fact, I do believe it only made it onto Phil's list at my insistence).

Phil BC said...

I think Geoff that may be the only progressive move made by any fascist dictator in the world, ever.

Gutted to see Andorra get booted out the contest - disposed of by the crushing weight of pan-slavic imperialism no less!

politiques USA said...

Eurovision sucks, and it sucks because Mike Oldfield never WON, and I am a huge fan of him.

Eddie Truman said...

Thank you the BC household for bringing me to the Euroband but my daughter will never forgive you because now I'm on a Hi Nrg reminiscence.
Come back Taylor Dayne !

Phil BC said...

You're more than welcome :) Euroband are a little bit fabulous aren't they? I will be so gutted if they fall victim to the East European voting blocs tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Eddie: I am so glad someone still remembers Taylor Dayne..(why, I was only listening to her the other week....opps maybe I shouldn't admit to that along with singing along to "Tell it to my heart"... I am gonna get ASBOed by the neighbours for sure...).

Actually, Eurovision has never surpassed the glory and the nadir of kitch and catchy tune, "Making your mind up" by the so 80s Bucks Fizz.

I mean, I know a Labour local election campaign (early 80s) that had that as its tune...think we lost as well...Darnit!

Phil BC said...

Tell it to my heart, hmmm, that gives me an idea ...

Anyway, good to see Euroband are through to Saturday's final. I should have had more faith in the refined musical taste of our European sisters and brothers.

gray said...

how about a bit of solidarity with Doctor Who fans, Phil?

Yet again, we have had to wait two weeks for the next episode because of Terry Wogan and that pish! I wanna see the Daleks and the return of Rose soon.

Furthermore, Saturday's Tv was dire over here. Danish royal wedding (most channels, most of the day), then Eurovision....Aaaaaaaargh

Anonymous said...

Oh that's good news about Dr Who - I thought I had just missed it last night - it's the only tv programme I watch religiously. Got a wee bit fed up of the Eurovision nonsense last night - they are just taking the piss. Iceland was fabulous though. took me back to working in the Wimpy in the 80s and going to Fire Island after a late shift smelling of cheeseburgers!!

Turned it over to watch the second part of the poisoner last night - very good.

Though I hear Russia won!

Phil BC said...

I too mourned the removal of Dr Who - but blame the BBC for putting on its 'I'd Do Anything' money-spinner over the good Doctor and the Daleks.

And yes, Russia certainly did win, and probably will do for perpetuity. Nil pois for Russia means Gazprom cuts the gas!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Foreigner can't be trusted to play with a straight bat!

catherine buca said...

We got so excited in the run up to the big event itself we fell foul of that most pernicious of evils – thinking that the rest of Europe (and the UK, for that matter) would have the same fabulous taste in music as us.

There was plenty of sofa-dancing in the BC household on Saturday night, followed by plenty of *facepalm* as the votes rolled in – starting with our utter disbelief that the rest of the UK voting public felt it necessary to give 12 points to Greece.

There's always next year *sigh*