Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another Musical Interlude

Arrgh, it's another one of those weeks when nothing decent's coming out. So I've been forced to plunge into the recent past in search of a half-decent tune. And rather bizarrely, my choice comes from France's Eurovision entrant, Sebastien Tellier. Now, be warned, this video is definitely not work safe, and its selection will probably do nothing to dissuade comrades who are convinced I'm treading the same risque path as Splintered Sunrise. But it is a rather top tune, so many thanks to my close comrade and confident, Catherine Buca for reminding me how good it is.

While we're on a Eurovish tip, Louise confessed in last week's thread that she's been listening to Taylor Dayne. Well Louise, just for you, here she is with the fabulous Tell it to my Heart. Watch it before Sony BMG disable the embed code!

And last but not least, not only was I annoyed by the lack of top choonage this week, I was utterly scandalised by the latest atrocity Celine Dion has perpetrated. Picture the scene. Myself, brothers A and GC, and sister M travelling back from last Monday's Socialist Party regional on May '68. Just as we entered the environs of Stoke, Dion's grating screech pierced the comradely atmos of the car with her cover ... of Alone.

I'm sorry, this is utterly unforgivable. Heart's original stands at the very apex of 80s poodle rock. It's a fist clenching celebration of heaving silicon, huge guitars, soaring vocals and big drums. Dion's version is utterly despicable. It is limp. It is over produced. It lacks all emotion and passion. For this she has booked herself a pass to the gulag for cultural enlightenment when the expropriators have been expropriated. So here's the original, to help erase the memory of her musical vandalism:


catherine buca said...

Ah, S├ębastien Tellier – a modern day comedy Jean Michel Jarre.

He was robbed.

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks! Thanks for that Phil..Made my day seeing Taylor D. along with the big hair.

Oh well, me credibility has probably been shot to pieces as well. C'est la vie

politiques USA said...

Yep Seb Tellier sounds alot like Jean Michel Jarre.
Gotta go to the memorial day today.

D.B. said...

Is it just me or are very few dance music videos "safe for work" these days?! Most of them are soft porn!

Still, I don't think the video above is bad personally. I'd say it's one of those that is innovative and sexy rather than cheap and sexist.

Anyway. Top tune, cheers for that. Have you heard Lenin and the Trotskys? Check out 'Jesus Lives' at their Myspace site: It's great.

politiques USA said...

OT from this thread although we talked about it previously 3 threads below.

On Renegade's blog, I don't know if you remember, there was a post about islamist fundamentalism and marxism, in which it was stated it was impossible to link both of them. It's rather true because islamist fundamentalism rejects rationalism schools. On the other hand I'm spending quite some time on islamic philosophy to understand the different schools of thoughts, and especially the Shi'it thought in Iran. So while it's impossible to link both islamist fundamentalism and marxism, I found something very compelling, in the sense that a good marxist is also a good islamist philosopher.
One of the reasons come from Marx's prophecies about the future of capitalism. That said by Prophecy, it does not mean foretelling the future, but bringing a message to the different social masses.
It is the belief of such prophecies that allow western thinkers to transcend themselves into islamist philosophy. So that's one of the reasons why I can't adhere to Karl Marx theories on the superior universal order, it's not sane. In the West that got affected by modernism and postmodernism (there is no more truth but levels of truths so postmodernism become also a new theory) philosophy and prophecy are seen as two very different in order to approach the understanding of the nature and reality. It took me a while to reach such a conclusion, because one model is utopian, and the other one is apocalyptic. Well that's partially true for the european model, and I haven't made up my mind yet on the anglo-saxon model, because it does not work the same way for sure.
This is why Marxism was so relevant in the iranian civilization's revolution because it was accomplishing logically and rationally the goals of the Mullahs in their anthropological evolution.

Otherwise when you say Marxism allows people to see the ills of a society, I wholeheartly agree with you, and only the left can see that.

politiques USA said...

Another common point between Marxism and islamic philosophy comes from the fact that it is very hard to dissociate politics from philosophy.

Madam Miaow said...

Plinky-plonk '80s synth and a glimpse of breast. Very risque.


Phil BC said...

Bah, Sony disabled the Taylor Dayne vid - miserable gets! I've replaced it with a straight recording of the song, set to the exciting drama of ... her record sleeve.