Wednesday 26 December 2007

Most Wanted Eight for 2008

For want of blogging fodder I've fallen onto the 'eight for 2008' bandwagon currently rolling around Tory blogspace. Not only is the list a meme in itself, but it's also de rigeur to protest that you "don't normally do these things". Does that constitute a meme too?

Here's eight things I'd like to see happen in 2008, in no particular order.

1) For a trade union leader/leaders to take the plunge and call a conference for the setting up of a new party.
2) The continuing implosion of the BNP and the scattering of its activists to the four winds.
3) A good set of Greater London Assembly, Mayor, and local election results for the left.
4) The deepening of the revolutionary process in Latin America. For it to move forward in Venezuela, and a defeat of the secessionist right in Bolivia.
5) For a high profile workers struggle to be successful, giving heart to hundreds of thousands beyond its purview and sounding the death knell of neoliberalism.
6) A doubling (or more!) of Socialist Party and CWI membership.
7) Proper comradely relations become the norm for relations between leftist activists.
8) Militant: The Musical takes Broadway by storm.

I won't bother tagging other comrades for the purposes of meme silliness, but I'd like to know your eight for 2008.


Louisefeminista said...

"Militant: The Musical takes Broadway by storm".

Just out of curiosity, which actors do you want to see and for what parts?

I just want to see a global socialist revolution. Not too much to ask for.... Think that makes up me 8.

Anonymous said...

1. Thatcher to finally die
2. All troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan
3. Union leaders to stand up to Brown and fight for their members
4. Someone to take responsibility for the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, bringing justice for his family.
5. The advancement of the revolution in Venezuela.
6. A more unified left
7. Revolution (should have been number 1.)
8. One of the cups for Everton, preferably UEFA, failing that the FA Cup

Louisefeminista said...

Bluenose: I totally support your 7 demands but not sure about no. 8

Anonymous said...

louisefeminista : is that because it is the least realistic of my demands? ;)

I suppose I could change it.....let me think....ok, how about Bush and Blair being brought before a War Crimes tribunal?

Anonymous said...

Mine's would be a mixture of already put up but would also include that the Caltongate Scheme is flung out and Save Our Old Town are crowned triumphant - check out

I would also like the /trade unionists/left/socialists to get principled, stop being silly and at times grow a backbone.

I would also like all women to achieve equal pay and for the trade unions to take it seriously.

And I think Militant:The Musical to be replaced with Carry On Comrade as it could encompasss more people and would be more inclusive.

Everyone in the SSP remains united and resilient for the bumpy ride in 2008

Anonymous said...

1)A world wide Socialist Revolution [Unfortunately very unlikely]
2)Cretan comrades to pull there socks up and answer my e-mails [Again unlikely]
3)Tommy Sheridan to be acquitted [Quite likely]
4)The BNP to completely fall to bit's [50 50]
5)An end to sectarian snipping [Sadly unlikely]
6)The advancement of the revolution in Venezuela. [Possible]
7)Union leaders to stand up to Brown and fight for their members [Unlikely]
8)The Socialist Party and all the left, has a 12 months of growth. [fairly likely].

ajohnstone said...

Just the one wish - that CWI/Militant to stop calling itself the Socialist Party (or 2nd best to call itself SPEW , Socialist Party of England and Wales)

Phil said...

Ajohnstone, you're supposed to want something that is halfway feasible ;)