Thursday, 14 December 2006

A Question

Can anyone tell me why The Sun and The Mirror are referring to the Suffolk serial killer as 'The Ipswich Ripper'?

I only ask because as far as I know the murderer has not taken to mutilating their victims.

Have Fleet Street standards fallen so low? Or has cheap sensationalism trumped any semblance of journalistic and editorial integrity?


Jim Jay said...

Yes, standards have "fallen" that low... or at least they were very low in the first place.

I actually read The Sun today - I literally felt nauseous... they love this... sex, violence, law and order - it's got the lot for these sick fuckers.

Duncan Money said...

When you say the standards have fallen so low it implies it has fallen from something better. To my knowledge the Sun has always been like that. Think of the headline after the sinking of the Belgrano.

The content of the tabloids regularly amazes me. It is essentially a competition as to who can print the most disgusting stories.

And of course these are the same papers who loudly complain about the lack of public morality and the breakdown of society.

Louisefeminista said...

Anything to do with women being murdered and the word "Ripper" is trotted out. It is indeed sensationalist crap which also smacks of hypocrisy as these papers don't give a damn about these women.