Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Crimbo Quiz

You didn't ask for it, but like I care. It's my blog and I'll quiz if I want to.

Answers are in the comment box. Don't cheat, and post your scores!

1) Which party leader resigned his position after admitting a drink problem?
2) Where did the 2006 World Social Forum take place?
3) In what month?
4) Who in 2000 released Sing When You're Winning?
5) What 2 countries have been threatened by the "international community" for their pursuit of nuclear technology? (Full official titles please)
6) What is the name of the Socialist Party's TD in the Irish Republic?
7) Who sang You're as Cold as Ice?
8) Who was the first group to have a UK number one with Eternal Flame?
9) What year was the NHS set up?
10) What month?
11) Which 70s rock band had a hit with Breaking the Law?
12) In what year did the October Revolution take place?
13) Which Latin American country has recently nationalised its gas industry?
14) Which dadrock band has a hit with Smoke on the Water?
15) Who denounced Satan at the UN earlier this year?
16) And who was the Devil?
17) Who wrote Empire Defeated?
18) And what country is the book about?
19) Who authored the 1902 pamphlet, What is to be Done?

I bet there's plenty of you out there who thought that was easy. Turn then to the answers and see if you got 100% ...


Anonymous said...

1) Charles Kennedy
2) Caracas, Venezuela
3) January
4) Robbie Williams (if you didn't know that, there's no hope for you I'm afraid)
5) The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
6) Joe Higgins
7) Foreigner (hard rock according to Wikipedia. Indeed)
8) The Bangles
9) 1948
10) July
11) Judas Priest
12) 1917
13) Bolivia
14) Deep Purple
15) Hugo Chavez
16) George W Bush
17) Peter Taaffe
18) Vietnam
19) V.I. Lenin

Nineteen questions, 20 available points. How did you? (I got 18)

Unknown said...

1. Charles Kennedy
2. Venezuala
3. January
4. Robbie Williams
5. North Korea and Iran
6. Joe Higgins
7. Foreigner
8. Bangles
9. 1948
10. July
11. Judas Priest
12. 1917
13. Bolivia
14. Deep Purple
15. Chavez
16. Bush
17. Peter Taffe
18. Vietname
19. Vladimir Illyich Lenin

(Though I don't know how I actually did)

Imposs1904 said...

15/20 for me. How did I get that Peter Taaffe question wrong? ;-)

Btw Phil, the questions reveal an interesting choice of music.

Anonymous said...

Lol, it was cde Mandy who put the quiz together. She in turn got questions from cde Bentley's CD collection. Bizzarely he got all those questions wrong!

Anonymous said...

I only got five right. It would have been six but I thought No 12 was a trick question and you were going to pedant us to death with it being November actually. But you didn't, so top marx to this cheeky blogger.

Anonymous said...

What a totally crap end of year quiz Phil, why should we have to remember obscure revolutionsists in a 2006 end of year quiz ?
Nest years one had be better be improved or I'm not coming back here.

Anonymous said...

Honestly! How should I know? I scored 3 and you said it was easy! LOL

btw if the anonymous blogger comes back- if you'regoing to dis someone's blog at least have the courage to leave your name otherwise you're just not worth listening to!

Anonymous said...


I should have come along to this ine I would have got at least 18/20