Awkward Moments in Transition
Capitalising on Roe Vs Wade
Exposing Russell Brand
ContraPoints on Beauty
Gastric Bands and the Body Beautiful
Notes on Peter Tatchell and No Platform
Rape Allegations and Julian Assange
Utopian Bodies
>Western Culture and the Third Gender
Winding Back Trans Liberation

A Defence of #NoMakeUpSelfieForCancer
Being a Socialist Woman: An Activist's Experience
Critiquing "Gender Critical" Feminism
Dale Spender on Feminism
Do Violent Games Cause Misogyny?
Feminism, Sexuality, and the Law
Feminist Theory and Identity Politics
Filipinas and Catholicism in Israel
Germaine Greer and the Performance of Womanhood
Girls of the Playboy Mansion
Her Name Was Sarah Everard
Jeremy Corbyn is Not a Misogynist
Jeremy Corbyn, Women, and the Shadow Cabinet
Louise Mensch and Conservative Feminism
Mary Daly: Death of a Feminist
On Poundland's Pathetic Edgelording
Page 3 is Dead
Revisiting the Cyborg Manifesto

Solidarity with Bex Bailey
Supporting the Women's Quilt
The Aesthetics of the Pubis
The Appeal of Jess Phillips
The Coming Death of the New Misogyny
The Sociology of the Camel Toe Knickers
The Spectrum of Misogyny
Theorising Feminist Transphobia
What Has Happened to Germaine Greer?
Women and Violence in Sin City

In Science Fiction
Day of the Doctor - Review
Critiquing Doctor Who: Deep Breath
Doctor Who: Sexism and Audience
Doctor Who's Christmas Carol
Feminism and Mad Max: Fury Road
Gender and Ghostbusters
I Am Legend
The X-Files: I Want to Believe

A Note on the TERF Wars
Identity Politics and Intersectionality
Intersectionality and Postmodern Feminism
Intersectionality, Class, and Capitalism
Intersectionality Made Simple
Intersectionality, Position, and Agency
Privilege Checking and Reflexivity
Sex and the City
Transphobia and the Liberal Media
Why Western Culture Dislikes the Niqab

A Load of Old Dick
A Sociology of Sexist Trolling

ContraPoints on Men and Masculine Crisis
Derrick Bird: Why Men Murder
Eddie Shah's Conceit
Harvey Weinstein's "Sex Addiction"
HIV/AIDS and Male Genital Cutting
I Believe Shia LaBeouf
James Bond and Fragile Masculinity
Masculinity and Penis Anxiety
The Tory Attack on "Dependency Culture"
Rape Threats and Masculine Crisis
Sacking Piers Morgan

Secret Life of the Human Pups
Testicles and Fatherhood
UKIP and Masculinity
White Men Can't Grump
Who was Stephen Paddock?

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