Thursday 1 February 2024

Five Most Popular Posts in January

2024 has barely got underway and already we've burned through January. Mind you, as per December's announcement this blog has taken things at a more leisurely pace. But enough stuff appeared to make a round up of what was hot last month a go-er.

1. The Sun's Attack on Keir Starmer
2. Stirring Up Apathy
3. The Opposite of Necessary
4. The Tory Politics of Immigration
5. On the Green Party's Four for 24 Strategy

Talking about Keir Starmer usually commands the numbers, and 2024 is showing no break from this tradition. In at one was the hatchet job The Sun did on him over his pre-politics record opposing the death penalty overseas. A rare highlight in a career marked by establishment obsequiousness, I asked why the paper - now Labour has pretty much capitulated to right wing common sense on all issues - is having a go. The second post is about his new year speech. It's all about the vibes, man. Coming in third was a small piece mocking Steven Moffat's desire to do a British West Wing. Hot on its heels is my take on why the Tories are tearing themselves apart on immigration, despite the fact you can't get a credit card between the two opposing camps. And lastly is the long-promised meditation on Green Party strategy ahead of the general election.

Second chance saloon? As I said in December, part of the blog wind down is a desire to write and think about different things. One of those is a turn into science fiction commentary and criticism. I offered up three such morsels, and here are two of them. A piece excavating conservatism in Dan Simmons's Hyperion, and another on Frederik Pohl's award winning Gateway. Fill your boots!

What to expect for the month ahead? I still fancy writing something about Socialist Appeal's "communist turn", and I'm sure there will be politics aplenty to think about. Expect a slice of skiffy to help it go down. As ever, if you haven't already don't forget to follow the monthly free newsletter, and if you like what I do (and you're not skint), you can help support the blog. Following me on Twitter and Facebook are cost-free ways of showing your backing for this corner of the internet.

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