Tuesday 17 October 2023

The Politics of the Gazan Massacre

One of the reasons why I don't often write much on Israel and Palestine is because there are so many others on the left who know their stuff and offer a clarity free of the rubbish and outright distortion fanned by mainstream politics and commentators. Richard Seymour has been consistently excellent on this, so I'm happy to share the latest installment of Interregnum courtesy of the study work of Alex at Politics Theory Other.


durruti said...

I dunno. It's not that long ago that Richard Seymour was commenting on the Ukraine war. At least The Dig makes sure its contributors know the languages and have spent time on the ground, whether it's Colombia or Gaza. Where does Seymour get his information? I have never seen him use Hebrew or Arabic sources. Or Russian/Ukraininan last year. Who knows here he will be an expert on next year. And that's the point. Seymour is not much better than the rent a columnist we find across the mainstream press. Politics Theory Other is a great platform but it can do better than Anglo monolinguals

Dialectician1 said...

Thanks Phil, I always find Richard Seymour's blogs insightful and well researched. A welcome antidote to the tedious, one-dimensional guff from most of the other commentariat.