Wednesday 1 March 2023

Five Most Popular Posts in February

Time to separate the hotties from the notties. What did the business last month?

1. The Rise of Lee Anderson
2. White Riot
3. What Might a Keir Starmer Government Look Like?
4. The Delusion is Strong With This One
5. The Tory Corporation Tax Fantasy

I had an inkling Lee Anderson would be up there. Asked at the weekend by a Tory paper if anyone in the party has tried reigning him in since his elevation to Tory vice chair, he said the party keeps telling him to carry on saying what he's saying. It's almost as if my analysis of his promotion is right on the money. Coming in second was how mainstream politics, particularly Tory rhetoric, prepared the ground for the anti-refugee "protests" in Knowsley. Next up was my dip into the scrying pool to see what Keir Starmer has in store for us when he receives the keys to Number 10. Long and short of it? Some reform and a lot of authoritarianism. With Liz Truss inflicting her sort-of-comeback on us in February, it would have been rude not to reflect on her 4,000 word apologia that apologised for nothing. And coming in at the bottom of the tops was the simmering rebellion on the backbenches over Corporation Tax. We'll see if Rishi Sunak's resolution of the Northern Ireland Protocol and its hailing by former Brexit ultras will dampen the revolting mood.

A couple of soaks for the second chance saloon this month. The new edition of the book merits a mention because it's my blog and I'll plug if I want to. I've very nearly finished the first draft of the revisions. Just got to add a bit to the Sunak bit because news, write in something I omitted from post-2019 Boris Johnson section, and make sure it all knits together. And then off to the editorial office it goes and hoping Lord Verso isn't mad about my tardiness. And its plus one at the bar is ... Disraeli's Sybil. An excellent novel and the promulgation of a conservative philosophy no Tory politician has practiced for over 40 years. But on the plus side, it has minded me to write more about books.

And there we are for the month of February. No idea what March will bring, except a long overdue house move. We await the hand the fates will deal us. If you've made it this far, chances are you're a regular reader so many thanks for sticking with the blog. Don't forget to follow the free weekly newsletter, and if you like what I do (and you're not skint), you can help support the blog via the unobtrusive Patreon link that-a-way >>>>. Following me on Twitter and Facebook are cost-free ways of showing your backing for this corner of the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lee Anderson and Victorian literature, anyone read 'Hard Times' by Dickens? 30p Lee is like a 21st century Josiah Bounderby: no one ever or anywhere has been as poor as he was, but he triumphed purely by his own hard work with no help from anyone, and that's why he has no sympathy for the so-called poor today. Self-aggrandising, self-justifying bullshit obviously.