Tuesday 27 April 2021

How Radical is Biden?

There was a lot of nonsense written about Joe Biden before the presidential election. And, one chaotic, busted flush of a coup later, there is still rubbish appearing on an almost daily basis. Claims that Biden has half-inched the economic programme of the left, that he's governing like a radical, and that American leftists should shut their mouths while he scales back commitments and does the barest minimum to keep the derepit infrastructure of American capital functional. We've heard it all before when other supposedly progressive administrations have been in office, and no doubt the same here will manifest if Labour miraculously squeaks into power in 2023/4.

In this episode of Downstream, Aaron Bastani speaks to Adam Tooze, the well known economist and historian of economics and asks just how much of a departure the Biden presidency is from establishment conventions of recent years.

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