Sunday 1 May 2016

Five Most Popular Posts in April

The five most-read last month were:

1. Ken Livingstone, Labour, and Anti-Semitism
2. Explaining the Election of Malia Bouattia
3. Dave, Panama, and the Press
4. What BHS says about British Capitalism
5. McDonald's and Labour "Snobbishness"

Everything was going so swimmingly ... until Ken Livingstone. Well, perhaps not, but for at least the last few weeks the spotlight was firmly on the Tories' major difficulties. Not even yet another (confected) internal row, this time about a McDonald's stand at party conference, was enough to distract the media's attention for a sufficient period. And, well, we all know what happened this week. At least as far as my lazy corner of the internet goes, the fall out from KenGate inflated viewing figures for my take on the farce.

Anyhow, next month will be interesting. There are the elections to look forward to, in which the results will be blamed on Jeremy, or the fractious PLP, depending on where you stand. There's the unfolding train wreck of Tory expense claims, which could see 26 by-elections take place if the case ends up in court and reruns are ordered. And there's another month of the terminally dreadful EU referendum campaign to live through. At least there's the Eurovision song contest to look forward to!

Okay, my pick for a retread is A Sociology of Sexist Trolling, my attempt to make sense of the sad inadequates who like to cyberstalk, harass, and threaten women in the public eye.

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