Tuesday 22 March 2016

An Acerbic Take on Islamist Terror

An acerbic take on Islamist terror from my friend and comrade Harry Paterson. A useful tonic for anyone forced to fight rearguard actions against bigoted arseholes.

"Why do you always bang on sticking up for fucking Muslims when theres is a terrorist attack in Europe? Cant you care for the poor people killed by mentalist Muslim terrorists? Haven’t you got no shame? Don’t you even care? Just tasteless shoving youre politics down peoples throats? Have some fucking repsct.”

"Because people like you offer no comment at all regarding any terrorists attacks, anywhere, that *don’t* involve Muslims. Because you don’t give a shit for the victims. Every terrorist atrocity is only ever an opportunity for you to screech your Islamophobia, racism and hatred of brown people. Because this isn’t about terrorism, is it? Still less about the latest round of poor sods slaughtered. No. It’s about *your* prejudices, *your* hatreds and *your* bigotries and the restricting of all our freedoms because you let both the terrorists and the government win by buying into this rancid bullshit. You’re a disease. I’m the antidote."


Speedy said...

Muslims account for 97 per cent of the people imprisoned for terror offences in the UK, a subject surely worthy of discussion.

But to discuss it feeds into racist tropes, so must be suppressed.

Because Muslims are relatively-speaking a downtrodden minority in Western society, Harry defends them, yet denies their agency, so at the same time disempowers them. Just as he disempowers those he labels racist. Disempowers anyone, basically, who does not share his superior vision.

He is just another spoke in the age-old wheel, if only he recognised it.

BCFG said...

Interestingly over the past year we have had a minutes silence for the victims of the French attack and for the Belgium attack but none for Russia or Turkey. And certainly we have never had a minutes silence for the staggering multitude killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc etc.

So I think we can say that official British society does not give a shit about the lives of most of the population of this planet.

Lest we forget that ISIS are a symptom and product of US imperialist policy (which all decents support), particularly the bloody terrorist murder carried out by US and British troops in Northern Iraq. Ergo all decents support ISIS and the conditions they thrive in.

of course official British society does not call any of that terrorism, because as we have already established official British society (including all decents) do not give a shit about the lives of most of the people on this planet, although any natives who are compliant with the supremacist mission of imperialism get a good press.

Idiot pro imperialists have no moral high ground to climb to. They should shut up. And yes, i am talking about you!

Chris said...

I'm not aware that any "brown people" were involved in the Brussels attacks.

I'm as opposed to Islamophobia as you are, but the way the left can't help seeing it through its paradigm of "isms" really cripples our ability to comprehend why our own (ie working and lower-middle class) people are often distrustful of Muslims.

The unfortunate truth is that attacks like yesterday's WILL increase Islamophobia in spite of what the left does. Of course they will, because terrorism is the main generator of Islamophobia.

Who was scared of Muslims in the UK before 9/11?