Monday, 1 February 2016

Five Most Popular Posts in January

The five most popular posts last month were ...

1. Top 100 Independent Tweeting Bloggers 2016
2. Jeremy Corbyn, Women, and the Shadow Cabinet
3. Is the Labour Party Middle Class?
4. A Note on Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC
5. Simon Danczuk and Narcissism

I can't say I'm shocked that the annual countdown of independent bloggers clinched the top spot, but I am very pleased to not that last month was the busiest ever traffic-wise. 67,000 page views is hardly premiere league stuff, but at over 2,000 a day that will do me nicely thank you very much. Of course, one can never have too big an audience ...

Propelling the blog to dizzying heights were some ruminations on a couple of minor media scandals, if they can be called that, the demographic composition of the 'new politics', ans a reflection on one man's out-sized ego.

Posts deserving a second chance? Hmmm. Let's go for the Labour Party coup fantasy, because some people persist in believing in constitutional phantoms, and a farewell to Ellen Meiksins Wood, one of the finest Marxist minds of recent years.

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