Friday 1 January 2016

Five Most Popular Posts in December

The five most read last month were ...

1. Top 100 Tweeting Politics Commentators 2015
2. Hilary Benn's Appalling Speech
3. Advice for "Bullied" Labour MPs
4. The Anti-Imperialism of Fools
5. Farewell to Dan Hodges

What a month and what a year. This was the best December for traffic ever, after the busiest ever year for the blog. In the end it clocked up 695,399 hits - just over 1,900 a day. Let's see if that can be smashed out the park in 2016!

Anyway, back to the matter to hand. As is traditional, the tweeting commentators list is top of the pile, followed up by the brouhaha surrounding Hilary Benn's speech and the moaning of moaning Labour MPs. My little rant about Stop the War comes next, followed by yet another resignation from serial resigner, Dan Hodges. More of the same next month?

What delights have I plucked from the blogging treasure chest for another airing? It has to be my Essay in Self-Criticism in which I make a stab at sorting out the fog a lot of Labour people have been caught up in since Jeremy's election, and some reflections on the coming shadcab reshuffle.

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