Sunday 1 November 2015

Five Most Popular Posts in October

Five most read last month were:

1. Guarding Against the Far Left
2. Whither the Blairite Rebellion?
3. Ideology in The Great British Bake Off
4. Jeers and Loathing in Manchester
5. Corbynmania and Momentum

It's been a while since my erstwhile comrades troubled the monthly round up. So the announcement the SWP and the SP were looking latch onto the newly launched Momentum gave them a rare moment in the media spotlight. In the SWP's case who, frankly, would like a rape cover-upping cult hanging around young people? As for the SP, their position that Labour is a straight bourgeois outfit should rule out hanging around the Labour Party. Whatever, as they're still standing candidates against the party in local by-elections (and getting derisory votes for their pains, they are in breach before they begin of Momentum's focus on rebuilding the party. Incredibly, there is always a ready audience for these arcane goings ons, and as long as people read 'em I will occasionally write about 'em.

What pieces from last month deserve a second look? There's my Alien Megastructures and Sociology, a consideration of the social impact confirmation of alien civilisations could have. And there's some wibbling on the accountability of Tory MPs, for your consideration.

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