Sunday 1 March 2015

Five Most Read Posts in February

The most popular posts last month were:

1. The Unavoidable Horizon of Lesser Evilism
2. Labour vs The Militant Tendency
3. Peter Oborne and the Crisis of Conservatism
4. The Sociology of Tory Stupidity
5. Labour's Scottish Bloodbath ... And What Needs To Be Done About It

A personally gratifying month, to be sure. You give people stuff they want to read about and they will come. As someone who writes mainly about politics, it's good that this sort of material is finally finding an audience. Back when this blog was an eclectic mix of social theory and sectariana, posts looking at the comings and the goings of mainstream parties and politicians were relatively few and far between and seldom read. Now the terms are almost reversed. Well, not quite. This month's look back at the Militant Tendency pulled in a hefty chunk of readers, but it wasn't enough to dislodge the home truths about not voting Labour for "radical" reasons. The crisis in Conservatism attracted good audiences. It appears I'm not alone in delighting at the slow death of the Tory party. And bringing up the rear were considerations on Labour's equally grave crisis in Scotland. The fortunes of both can be turned around on the basis of consistent work, but for the former it's a case of "crisis, what crisis?" and the latter being in hock to austerity lite is, as you might euphemistically put it, "profoundly unhelpful".

I'm going to throw three posts out there for a second consideration. As I don't blog about it anywhere near enough, here are two social theory-related posts: Theorising the Mortality of Advanced Societies and The Postmodern Effacement of Class are pretty much self-explanatory. And one more from politics: Rumours of UKIP's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated. Shame it were not otherwise.

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