Sunday 1 February 2015

Five Most Popular Posts for January

Most read last month were:

1. Class and Ideology in Sex Party Secrets
2. Top 100 Independent Tweeting Bloggers 2014
3. Why Labour Should Adopt the Citizen's Income
4. Benefits: Too Fat to Work
5. Notes on the Green Surge

A few reflections on that documentary about elite sex parties rose to the occasion, as it were, and pulled the audience numbers in. You're a mucky lot. Yet what's also gratifying is seeing some proper posts looking at ideas and analysing things do especially well. In fact, so well that January 2015 was the busiest month ever for people popping by and having a read. The lesson there to myself and aspiring bloggers is if you write about things readers want to know about, then the rewards will come. The only problem now is my overbearing superego is demanding every month now be the best one ever. Yikes.

As ever a couple of shout outs to posts that didn't make the grade. As the papers are full of a fresh round of attacks on Ed Miliband today, it's worth remembering who the weakest politician in Britain really is. And for the keen watchers of the Stoke-on-Trent political scene which, of course, is all of you, there's my dissection of the City Independents' election manifesto.

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