Wednesday 1 January 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for December

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. The Top 100 Tweeting Bloggers of 2013
2. SWP: Comrade X Resigns
3. Ian Watkins and Narcissism
4. Jack Monroe and the Sociology of Selling Out
5. The Politics of Envy

I've been a bit distracted this month, but I knew the clickbait of the top 100 would do the business - as it does every year. Also, as per, the obligatory SWP post does well. There is one more post to come about them but hopefully it will be the last one for a very long time. Given the media interest, it's not surprising to see Jack Monroe and Ian Watkins in there. And no doubt Lisa Ansell will be glad that she's been spotlighted, again.

How about the second chance saloon? Any honourable mentions? There's three. Let's have some North Korean Kremlinology and more video game musings. Feel free to wash that down with some most excellent music.

And that's it for 2013. What will the new year bring? Loads of morsels to write about no doubt. I also aim to be more shamelessly opportunist and promiscuous with getting my writing out there, so be warned!

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