Sunday 17 November 2013

A Slow Few Days

It's one of them (thankfully) rare moments. Up until Wednesday I am absolutely rammed with work so don't be surprised if blogging is very light. But there is stuff bubbling under, such as pieces on the Baddeley, Milton and Norton by-election here in Stoke, a 'new stage' of capitalism, and the collapse of generational difference - among other things. I bet you can hardly contain yourselves.

In lieu of blogging, here's a ditty from 2009.


Flaunden said...

A pretty filly! Not sure where the two Stig characters from Top Gear fit in, but that is not surprising.

asquith said...

Did you read this on about the subject of generational difference?

Not the nicest weather imaginable. Summer, it isn't.

T-Childs said...

'I bet you can hardly contain yourselves.'

We'll just have to bear up under all the excitement I suppose.

Phil said...

Asquith writes "Did you read this on about the subject of generational difference?"

I did, which is what I plan on writing a response to. But very quickly, I think he underestimates the extent older people wish to remain eternally youthful.