Saturday 1 June 2013

Five Most Popular Posts for May

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. Woolwich Murder: Spectacle and Message
2. BNP to Enter UKIP
3. Fisking Dan Hodges on UKIP and Labour
4. Five Books on Marx and Marxism
5. What Has Happened to Germaine Greer?

My analysis of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby justifiably gets the tops spot this last month, and does so by some margin. As always, stuff involving the media and media personalities got a great deal of traction too. Amazing how Media Studies is widely denigrated as a Mickey Mouse discipline, and yet folks just can't get enough commentary about commentary. Who am I to stop giving you what you want?

As always, there were a load of posts I'd like to have seen read by a wider audience. But my pick of the one deserving more attention than it got is UKIP and Masculinity.

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