Tuesday 29 January 2013

SWP Resignation Via the Medium of Song

Too good for Socialist Unity to have it to themselves.

If only Lenin had rounded off his April Theses with a little tap number, eh?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone imagine the consequences of the SWP achieving state power? Of course, it could never happen, but the degeneration into what Trots usually characterize as 'Stalinism,' has alreay occurred inside the SWP. The dismissal of justice as a 'bourgeois' conceit if it touches the central committee; the evasion of open debate, the egomania, the bizarre casuistry.
And the same oxymoronic 'democratic centralism' is alive and well in a hundred leninist cults.

Phil said...

I think North Korea gives us a good idea of what a SWP-dominated society would look like, but with Cliff as the 'Eternal President' and Callinicos, Kimber and "Delta" each taking turns at being the 'most excellent' comrade.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps somebody could write an operatic version of Dante's inferno, with the SWP as the protaganist? Trotsky replaces Virgil as we're led to the bottom ring of hell and various members of the CC provide a Greek chorus? Something like "Jerry Springer, the opera.'