Tuesday 23 October 2012

Cat Interlude

It is indisputable that cats have taken over the internet. They're everywhere, invading our forums, purring all over Twitter, and clogging up thousands upon thousands of YouTube hours. As evolutionary strategies go, cats have it all sewn up. So, for one day only, this blog has surrendered itself to our moggy. 

His name is Charlie and there are a couple of things you should know about him. He and his tail, Gerald, once tried blogging. And two, for intractable reasons, he's affectionately addressed by his humans as 'Monkey' and 'Shit Bird'.

AVPS for one welcomes its feline overlord.


Sister C said...

I think Claudia could become an Internet super star as well. I do love Charlie he is so cute

Phil said...

You may live to regret that. I may have to call upon her purry services when I'm walking through an inspiration desert.