Monday, 14 March 2011

She Wrote the Book

Ms Beth Ditto's delightful ditty, no?


Gary Elsby said...

I gather the NEC has imposed most of your candidates again this year.

Oh well, saves the grass-roots, fee-paying membership having to use the vetting system like everyone else in the Country!

Here's me thinking it was to stop mad-men like my sort from picking and choosing who the hell we liked to represent the views of locals like us.

Who chooses the candidates in Cuba and the USA?

....and Meredith enters the fray (just as we told you).


Phil said...

FYI Gary, Mark won his selection in Northwood in the traditional way. But keep on conspiracy-mongering - it is your speciality.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, you didn't read my posting correctly (you did, you just play to the gallery).

I specifically write about the whole selection process running throughout the Stoke Labour Party.

Now please explain why entire branches including their entire membership have nor been required to choose who speaks for them.

'Ed Miliband-a new Leader for a new Party.'

Didn't happen under Tony Blair!

You call it a conspiracy to spew out theories. If I lie, then I conceed a conspiracy on my part.

But I tell the truth and well you know it and I remain nothing other than a loyal Socialist who believes in open transparent Party democracy.

Unlike the Parachute brigade, funded by their Lordships here in Stoke.

Come on Phil, this is no Valkerie being played out here. The NEC have chosen vast swaythes of your candidates once again, when members are fully able to choose at a moments notice and 'one member-one vote' is a complete sham in order to return a Mayor into a by-pssing position.

Crude, undemocratic, stupid, but the outcome is near certain.Hows the membership numbers today? !!

Phil said...

Once again, you're making a mountain out of a molehill.

There were a number of problems with the timetable of the selection process. The NEC sent representatives to sort it out. Four of the five seats available were not contested. The fifth selection, which was contested, was overseen and voted on by members of the CLPs executive in conjunction with the NEC members.

This wasn't ideal, but such is life.

Incidentally, membership has grown quite nicely since the departure of you and your friends. Meetings are functional and *interesting*. Comradely relations have become the norm. And we have reversed the decline you presided over. So things are looking peachy, ta.

Chris said...

Am I missing something here, have people actually gone out and voted for Gary in a real life actual election?

Gary Elsby said...

Just a few points though.

12 Months to allow branches to choose a candidate seems a trifle large!

Even us useless clowns did it in 3 Months with an occasional problem slipping over into January.
Nice to see the ship sails fluently, all the same.

Also, lovely to see the numbers growing under 'honest' Ed.
I heard a rumour that an entire branch resigned from Labour a few days ago and yet more senior figures have left and are standing as candidates. But, hey,life goes on.

You've reversed the decline?

We stooped Meredith shutting things, your mates shut them.
Big difference.
When do you intend to shut 4 childrens centres? I'm told June. When do you think?

700 jobs gone.
Services unable to function (you do know, don't you?)
1000+ people wanting out.
And you actually shut a kiddies farm.
Meredith tried that one for 5 years!
£7m worth of consultants.
£3.6m blue bin fiasco
£3m worth of e-mail.
£9m uncollected debts
Tot it up Phil, they get away with murder.
Why does no-one question them anymore?
Roll over Phil and take your shafting like a good little labour member that you are.
Oh so loyal.

Phil said...

Of course Gary, I am opposed to all these things happening. But being a party member I am part of a debate that is arguing for an alternative to the cuts. Alas I see precious little coming from your quarter concerning alternatives to the cuts. What would your joke shadow Labour party do if they were faced with the situation the Labour group are facing? What are your Community Voice pals' alternatives to the cuts on the City Council? It's very easy to snipe from the sidelines when your own rag tag and bobtail outfit has nothing positive to say.

As for the rumour mill, I wouldn't pay it any mind Gary. After all, I've heard you and Barry Stockley are standing in the Abbey. I mean, how absurd is that?

Phil said...

Gary has stood in elections, Chris.

In 2007 and 2008 Gary stood in the defunct Abbey Green ward in the city. I can't remember his votes but he did increase them election on election compared to the Labour total in 2006. Unfortunately, the majority of the BNP victors in those contests accelerated each time Gary stood.

Despite an international media profile, Gary mustered 399 votes in Stoke-on-Trent Central during the last election.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, the tag 'shadow Labour' is now defunct. It is now 'Original Labour' and has meetings in excess of the CLP. There is a view that the name should change once more to 'True Labour' but maybe sometime other than now.

I'm baffled by your view of facing thses cuts. We are facing YOUR (and YOUR Conservative mates) cuts and we know why we face them.
It is because of you and YOUR Conservative mates.

Do not mistake us with Community Voice. They house Nazis, we are a peart of the 100,000 Socialists who refuse to bow down to a dictatorship, rigged elections, rigged ballots and anything else YOUR friends threw at us.
We would all sign the holocaust memorial book and the real chosen candidate in YOUR ward would have done also.

You have heard wrongly that Barry and I are to stand in the Abbey.

I forgot to add into the sum (of YOUR economic negligence to our City and workers) the tune of £3m for the purchase of land in Stoke.
YOUR purchase was to stop a shop opening up on that site.

You are opening a shop on that site.
Now I count that as I walk and chew gum, as around £25m.
Oops, I forgot those lovely flags adorning the Hanley By-pass. A snip at £0.5k (or the cost of a care home and disbled swimming pool).

No, the 'original Labour' members walking out of YOUR party as I write and joining us, don't know a thing.

Shame on YOU and YOUR party for sacking workers and shutting down our public services.

Vote Labour-Get a Conservative.

YOU have done it twice now and a third time is not beyond YOU.

I am standing in the election, but I do not know as I write.

2.Baddeley Green
5.Birches Head(!)

I've counted around 23 people out of Stoke Central CLP in the last 5 days.

Phil said...

You'd have thought these "23 people" would have a) tried to make a song and dance about their resignation and b) informed the party they've quit. I may be the lowly political education officer, but I'm pretty sure I would have heard such things.

Btw, nice avoidance of the alternatives question.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, I sometimes think you write for the fun of it.
Where have I ever wrote to your blog, give you some gossip and that gossip turned out to be false?
Remember Iqbal and my view?(denied a membership in CV).
Remember Alison (I'm in Paris, Rome,Sydney and Moscow- today, so I can't turn up)(Tris's mates for another shoe-in but not without a legal challenge).
I did tell you of senior NHS TU representatives bailing out of Central ( a ringing endorsment for Tris).
And now I tell you of 23 walking with more to come as the candidates lists are published.
Birches Head love Mark. Yeah they sure do love him and will show how much! There is much credit given to the notion that a written notice of leaving is the norm. Sure, that is if you give it some credit. They have walked, take it from me and more to come.
Many of my friends handed in their notice. I spoke mine through a BBC microphone (R4 World at One).F*** YOU, in other words.

You do seem to have an economic problem relating to your loyal defence of this crew. You raise no questions to their spending habits. You accept their failings,albeit collectively.
No star rises, no star challenges. The star withers in the wilderness.

One of you 'comrades' standing in the Council Chamber, pulled out a handkerchief and blubbered that she: "Didn't...blubber....want to be services like Tunstall Pool."

Apparently, the handkerchief was wringing wet after her 1 minute 30 seconds wail !!

This is her third time she voted to shut this pool. She has a track record of shutting and has a proven track record of closing facilities that have no grounds for closure.
Boo-hoo she says!

One other member, booted out in a referendum, also blubbered his innocence of shutting the very same service YOU lot are shutting now, from his prison cell.
We were so upset at his incarceration, that we nearly came to his rescue.

You do realise, don't you Phil, that the order from Sandwell is to shut local public services of all nature in Stoke, by 'all means necessary?'
10th time lucky in shutting the kiddies farm! I hope that makes them feel big (boo-hoos all round, no doubt).

I have no alternative financial structure for the City? That WOULD be a first!

Now if you don't mind Phil, please do as we all ask, turn round, roll over and take your shafting from Labour and allow your SWP mates to eat their popcorn whilst watching.
They told you so and they were right. How do you sleep at night?
Parachutes, fixed and rigged everything, imposing, walk outs...
Gee up, what happened to OMOV and everyone pitching in?
'Ed the red'

Phil said...

Gary, I would take you more seriously if you made sense and got basic facts right, such as your point about the SWP.

All you present us with time after time is a litany of crimes Labour have committed, how everything is unfair, how many dozens of party members have walked locally, and so on. And yet my hands on experience of the local Labour Party and knowledge of its operation contradicts your repeated assertions about it.

What I find rather sad, Gary, is how you can't let things go. If Labour is so wretched and awful why don't you let it be while you go and develop a vibrant and rooted alternative to it. The good people of Stoke know a bullshit merchant when they smell one, and if Labour stinks as much as you suggest we can expect a depressed vote and defeated candidates galore come May.

Incidentally Gary, a financial plan is not a get out of jail free card where the decisions facing the City Council are concerned. If, as you persistently allege, a large proportion of the cuts are carried over from previous years that still does not obviate the need to cut Council spending to make a legal budget in light of Pickles' cuts to the local authority settlement. So I ask again, what is your alternative? Could we expect you and your crew to do a Liverpool?

Gary Elsby said...

I understand the dilemma you're in Phil, and I point out that you answer not one point made about why it's all happeneing.

Remember Phil, while most of my pals who walked (as well as 100,000 other) consider themselves to be reds under the beds, die hard Socialists, your mates in SWP and you reckon me to be a Blairite nuclear bomber wishing to invade any country I lie about.

Bloody odd, don't you think that I agree with them and they agree with me. None of us asked anyone to walk away from Labour and a swaythe went as I said the other day. They don't like what was said about Stockley.

If your view of Labour is that spending doesn't matter, even if it is wrong, then you are one of them, but only in Stoke.
The vibrancy of Labour politics comes from branches, City parties and CLPs around the country who stand toe to toe with Labour Groups giving differing opinions. Some Councillors get ousted, some stay the course. But not in Stoke.
Even the NEC who hounded us acknowledge that their areas go toe to toe.Stoke is different.

Merdith's 'new way of doing things' is to give a clear path to a no contest politcs being experimented here in Stoke. The Tories are doing it on Monday and they undertake to remove a candidate who spoke out. As if speaking out is a crime or a rule breach! Together the two 'coalition' parties sew and stitch up a game only seen in Libya.

Local Labour blame their coalition partners for a financial mess. Local Tories blame .......etc..
Everyone blames Cameron.

It is a cop out to just expalin away a financial mismanagement by unchallenged Labour Councilors and ask me to cut on their behalf.
Their track record of incompetence is only challenged by those of us now hounded out of the arena.
Leaders, Deputies, Secretaries, Group whips,Mayors, Councillors, and now members. All out under the orders of Riley and the NEC.

That is not the sort of politics that people around here voted for and Labour voters didn't vote for a coalition.

2nd rate politicians now have carte blanche to plead ignorance and innocence in Stoke.

'First they came for the Jews then the Communists.....'

BTW your view that my 'repeated assertions' are wrong cannot possibly be correct when those people who do them actually tell me personally they have done so.
I hav einformed you time and again who has left and why and now I tell you of more. I tell you what will happen if you shit on them and when they do what I think they'll do, they actually do it.

2 parachute MPs
1 MP targetted for removal.
NEC involvement in selections (why, when all nutters are out?)
Meredith returns.
Many imposed canddates.
Mass walk out by members.
House of Lords sponsorship.
Senior Councillors resigning.
Ignorance of rules and rights.

We aren't there Phil. This happens in our absence. This is your party and you say it's OK.
It is not OK.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, I've forgot to mention.
Your view that a winner winning an election means everything was OK all along and the person(s) or party losing was always wrong is really quite ludicrous.
You, yourself, have been a part of something that didn't have a cat in hells chance of going anywhere, but you stood by it.

The Power of the political machine is not to be under-estimated and a grandfather's grandfather's grandaughters child may reason that they vote Conservative because they always done so, but it doesn't answer any questions, now does it.

In an academic setting, you wouldn't get away with the argument your appear to be forwarding in here.

I stood by my Labour colleagues because they were right, not because we were all 'lefties' causing trouble.
We proved they were wrong and they backed down and stopped doing what they could be jailed for.
Now they shut care homes and other facilities unchallenged and un-hindered from within.
Why is this?

Gary Elsby said...

Have you sponsored a Tomahawk missile yet Phil?

Noticed yet how come all Libyans seem to be carrying newspapers dated 4th March? And this 'Breaking news!'
Notice how our MPs weasel with their words? Yes.....b but.
No lead. No guts.
We just created a Civil War.

Sunday bloody Sunday!

Phil said...


Gary Elsby said...

1441 "All means necessary"

1973 "All necessary means"

Spot the difference?

One sees a former Leader crucified in one inquiry after another.

The other sees tons of Labour MPs queuing up to support.
The Labour Party in Stoke goes backwards day after day.
I wonder if Mr. Gaddafi has gassed more Arabs than Mr.Saddam yet?
At least we now know why Tunisia and Egypt (next door) happened.
Those Kings in Bahrain sure do know how to kill freedom fighters. Thy must have learned it from Libya and Iraq.
'Massacre in Libya' BREAKING NEWS.
Odd that dates show 4th March and the Libyan Government says they are in control of that area, don't you think?
This gives the UN(Cameron/Obama) the go ahead to bomb Libya.
You're losing your touch Phil.


Phil said...

As I haven't written anything on this I don't know what you're getting your knickers in a twist about. Remember Gary, you defended Blair on Iraq and were quite happy to apologise for his actions in the lead up and immediate aftermath of that war. So you're not exactly in the most honorable of positions when it comes to sermonising about Ed Miliband's qualified support for the actions being carried out by this wretched government.

Gary Elsby said...

As I've said many many times before, when you actually prove someone lied or broke UN law (all necesary means=NO second resolution)then I will swap my belief that Parliament was wrong to VOTE for a war.
Please note: NO second resolution required for 1973. How odd.

All I see is a Tomahawk missile (with your name on it) fired from a British submarine delivered into the bedroom next-door to where the Colonel's grandaughter slept in 1986, killing her. Today's missile is courtesy of Labour but we all accept, mistakes do happen.
Now then, when you actually did have a conscience, and you could speak openly, you would ask: Why is Labour supporting the targetting of a Sovereign Leader?
Why is the UN breaking its own laws?
Collective responsibility Phil.
Enjoy it while you can, but when another 5% come on-board, you look Blairite kid killer.
Don't worry, I had lots of that. It ain't personal.
Getting warm Phil?

Phil said...

If you made sense and this had something to do with the topic originally under discussion I might have replied. But it doesn't so I won't.

Anonymous said...


Gary Elsby said...

Phil, I remember when you were a SWP favourite and all us in Labour were kid killers.

We are out and you are in.

Can I be guest speaker at SWP on why Labour are killing Libyan kiddies? You can be guest apologist for Labour, I'm sure.

3 Stoke Labour MPs
2 parachutes-1 genuine.
3 votes for the US/Tories.

What have you done to my beloved party Phil? Five minutes we're out the door and everyone's in Libya (but not in Bahrain).

What's your PEO report going to say?
"Tony was right all along?"

If you try to convince me that your 'all members' CLP is foaming at the mouth for either David Miliband or a Libyan massacre, I'll just feint to the floor.

Hope you've noticed, I've spoken up, agreed with the front line general public and isolated not one, but three local MPs.

Rather than not understand me, I'll bet you're dying inside.

Anonymous said...

It must be the medicine

Gary Elsby said...

Looks like Professor Mick Temple reckons our Labour MPs should hang their heads in shame.
Remember, he wasn't the first one round here to wipe them out.
Keep your eyes on the press Phil, proper socialists aren't having none.
Keep up the good work saving the museum and promoting the gold hoard.
Leave the politics to us.

Gary Elsby said...

Anyone got any news of the Government led, Labour supporting slaughter of Libyans?

Not Gary Elsby said...

No Gary, but I did hear that Obama and Cameron have broken International Law by protecting armed rebels on their way to kill anyone in their way.

I've also heard that they are to be prosecuted in the hague and they will obviously be jailed for life.

Just made that last bit up as it will be in Brussels, not the Hague.
Had you fooled.

Phil said...

Hi, Gary? That was Steve Batkin on the phone. They would like their loony soup back.

Gary Elsby said...

BREAKING NEWS: As the freedom fighters in Bahrain are slaughtered by a Foreign army and Libyans are filling up their overflowing hospitals, The USA releases casualty figures as reported to them.

No casualties are reported.

Also in the news, MPs in Great Britain make it easier to claim expenses.

250 rebels in London go to court.

Gary Elsby said...

The Sentinel continues its run on the RENEW story.
This is the area that Loz nailed me for making Stoke look like a shithole on the telly.

No matter how you want to dress it up, this is where we live.

Meanwhile in Libya, guns are to be given to freedom fighters, thus breaking International Law.

The guns will be used to scare people with and the rocket landidng in a hospital bed was an 'accident' says the PENTAGON.

75% of the public now disagree with NATO (US) action.

Tris, Flello and Joan are not in that percentage.

Phil said...

Correction, Gary. YOU don't have to live with boarded up properties. There's not many of them round Baddely Green, is there?

Fact is you consented to be interviewed in one of the most run down areas of the City. You were happy to make Stoke-on-Trent look like a shit hole just to flatter your ego.

Still, not to worry. The people of Tunstall will give you short shift come May 5th.

Gary Elsby said...

To think I tell the BBC where to film, beggars belief.
Anyway, why are the Sentinel running this story over two days now?
You lot haven't got a clue.
Is Loz's tail between his legs?
Answer your own question Phil!
Why are same aged properties in Baddeley Green not boarded up like Middleport etc.....
Why did Prince Charles step in when this Counciltried to knock down same aged properties in Tunstall High Street? Prince Charles' architecht involved the Prince. Tristram should research this point and see what happened.
The same should happen again.
Andrew Neil spoke to a crowd of 50 who hate this Council for demolishing their homes.I know, I was there. This Council did not listen,it does not listen and it thinks knocking down and building new is the answer.
No chance!
Around 50 memebrs have now left by the way.Nothing to do with me but you just can't keep on treating members as though it doesn't matter.Riley is to blame and Riley will back RF in a two way fight with TH in Stoke.RF was his photocopy boy backed by TW mp (dangerous in a WM fight).
Everything I've said so far has come true. Everything I say I'll do, I've done.

More breaking news:

The Conservative Government, backed by Labour want to put guns into the hands of freedom fighters in Libya (f*** them in Bahrain).

NATO Chief Admiral James Stavridis warns: Al-Qaeda is entrenched in the freedom fighters.

Labour backing a move to arm Al-Qaeda.
Now lets listen to some weasal talk.

Gary Elsby said...

For three nights on the trot now, the Sentinel hammer this Council for boarded up houses.

If you don't know the people of Stoke-on-Trent, why are they being told how to live and where to live?

One guy pointed to a boarded up house and said 'That's my old house and I want to go back'. 'My daughter lived two doors away and now she lives miles away. She wants to return.'

They wanted to do the same in Tunstall but were stopped.
The only people who make an area a shithole are the one's who say that those houses are coming down.
Once they make that stupid decision, it becomes a shithole.

Politics isn't hard Phil, it's clowns who want to be politicians that make it hard and we are, the laughing stock of the Country.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Libyan chief torturer and organised terrorist lands in the Country.
Where's Bahrain?

Phil said...

Gary, once again you choose not to respond to the points I put to you. That's fine. I'm not one of the lucky people of Tunstall who are about to have their election period blighted by your candidacy. But when they ask you questions they will expect straight answers, not amateur evasiveness and whataboutery.

Gary Elsby said...

For four nights on the trot, the Sentinel hammer home the devastating living conditions of the people of Stoke. Surely they'll go for a whole week.

I didn't ask the Sentinel to write this stuff and I didn't ask the BBC to film boarded up houses either. I researched and found the two pottery businesses they were looking for. Some appeared in the film (by the way,42,500 copies of that film will be distributed come the next GE-bet on it).
Where's Loz, a spokesman for Central and the Unions?

Phil, who do you think's running this joint?

You see Phil, I live here and this is what my people live in.
You want us to film Waterworld or the gold hoard (free swimming lessons for kiddies, your honour!)
Birches Head will show the way.

I once told a referee: "That was never a goal ref!"
He stopped the match.
He replied: "Look in tomorrow night's Sentinel and see if it was!"
Sure enough, it was a goal.

Phil, read the Sentinel or have it first hand.
100 years of Stoke Labour 3 MPs umpteen Labour Councillors desperate for a clean sweep.

This is what we who shouted out the loudest, had to put up with.
Bullies bullied and eventually we walked.
Why bully people who don't want what the Sentinel write?

Winning elections proves nothing because boarded up houses proves that winning elections is not the answer.
44 Labour candidates(some dead) but how many from Stoke?

Interested Interloper said...


You don't even know what the boundaries are for the next General Election.

At the next GE you will have to run in an entirely new boundary which most likely will cut through, Stoke-on-Trent, The Moorlands and Newcastle and you will be just another independant who gets a hand-ful of votes.

Certainly the allegations of corruption you make against Labour in Stoke don't apply to the party anywhere else in North Staffs.

Your crusade against the SOTC Labour Party is something of interest to, at best, a dozen or so on either side of the casm. It is not the basis for any election campaign.

Almost definately it is not a catch-all campaign that will secure you the 20k votes needed to be an MP and neither and almost certainly you will lose with AV.

Gary Elsby said...

Foe a whole week now, the Sentinel hammer home the shithole of Stoke that you so describe.
My guess is that Loz now knows who gets it right.
We can film outside of the shopping centre if you like, but that would be to give a false impression to those who dole out the funds to Cities in need.
If you say Stoke is a paradise, then watch the cheques not come in.

Intersted Interloper:

Are you under the impression that I would lose the Intrenal vote for the position? Don't be too silly now.

Phil said...

The leaps of logic - if they can be called that - are incredible.

Gary Elsby said...

You just don't get it Phil, do you.

100,000 leaving the Labour Party is, in your logic, a full house and counting.

A Parachute is democracy.


A boarded up house, is not a boarded up house, it is the BBC.

I can only ask for a small mercy, please God I beg you, that we do not find another gold hoard.

If they do, then please display it in Slater Street and preferably inside a boarded up house.
Anyone but the BBC!

Phil said...

Gary is obliviously unaware that the massive membership decline nationally and here in Stoke has been reversed. But as it suits his own petty agenda to pretend otherwise ...

Interested interloper said...


You appear to have missed my point. What internal position?

At the 2015 GE, you will be an independent candidate fighting in parts of North Staffordshire that have both no interest or knowledge of your Labour Party history.

Your crusade against SOTC Labour /may/ win you *some* votes in SOTC but it will not win you votes anywhere else.

After the boundary review SOTC will not exist and so the main crutch of your campaign will be void.

At 2015 GE, you will be an Indy candidate and will be lucky to poll more than 1000 votes. No one outside SOTC Labour knows (or cares) about your allegations. Your campaign will fail.

Lee Tomkinson said...

"A boarded up house, is not a boarded up house, it is the BBC."

Holy shit do you actually read the dribble you splurt out before you click the 'publish your comment' button?

One again you don't come from one of those boarded up houses though do you? You come from lovely leafy Baddeley Green, the poshest area in Stoke.

Eddie Truman said...

Exquisite taste in music as always Phil, hope alls well with yourself.

Duncan said...

Disappointed not to see an April Fool's article here Phil!

Gary Elsby said...

Yes Phil a reversal in decline from 4-0 to 4-1 is indeed a winning streak.

I live in Baddeley Green 'the poshest area in Stoke'.

Why, thank you.

My independent papers are in and I'll see you at prayers.

By the way, intelligence given to me has the English Democrats running on my posh area and Labour.

choices choices.

Who the f**** is Lee Tomkinson???

"Who is that bald man?" (Councillor JD, Labour)

"That's Mark Fisher"

Gee up.It gets better.

Phil said...

I didn't have time to do one, Duncan. Still - I hope Gary's foolishness has more than made up for it!

Gary Elsby said...

Oooh Phil your comments are so hurtful.

Here's a joke doing the rounds:

How many members does it take to select a Labour Candidate in Stoke-on-Trent?

None of them!!
Boom boom!

Not to worry too much Duncan of no April fools jokes.
Labour is publishing its candidates list on 6th April this year, so only a few days out.

Boom boom!

It's the way I tell 'em.

Phil said...

Oh, you are a good laugh, Gary. Even if it's the case people laugh at you rather than with you.

PS Re: NEC impositions, ask why your friend Barry is campaigning hard for one of their choices.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil.....deep down, I really thought you understood what is going on. haven't a clue.

Good luck to Terry.Do you know how he became one of the 'gang of four' ready to sue Labour? Terry hadn't attended a meeting for years, but appeared on the same hit list as me.
I was on the list becasue I refused to bow down to poor politics.Same for Barry and same for Mick.
He took no part, so why was he fingered?
Put the question yourself to those that actually fingered him and now run your CLP.
If we return, they lose on day one and with the votes to prove it.

I count 26 paper candidates for Labour.

Gary Elsby said...

Why would officers of the City Council who were removed from office, join the Labour Party?

Why would those very same people put Terry on a hit list and then hand that hit list to the NEC?

What benefit is gained?

If you figure it out for yourself, you will come up with the correct answer.
If I tell you why, you will disagree. We will both have the same answer.

If someone is correct and right in what they do and they can persuade others to agree, minorities and losers will lose.

If those losers (2) get 'help', then losers win and winners lose.


Phil said...

You've lost me.

How's the campaign going? Knocked on many doors yet?

Gary Elsby said...

I've lost you?

Ok. If you have a Councillor of many years service, City, County and very senior at that and he is described by all as a bruiser and hard nut who gets the job done, why would anyone want him knobbled?

An Alderman of the City of stoke-on-Trent, turned over.

Which Officers of the City are on the other end of this hard nut who takes scalps from officers?

Remember Phil, the big critique of the Council is that Officers walk all over Councillors and therefore Councillors are weak and the City collapses into ruin. No-one knows who is to blame.
Councillors are powerless.

Terry, takes no prisoners and knows the score. Councillors run the City and Officers take orders.

So who doesn't want Terry to become a Councillor again? This successful winner of Labour?(takes no shit from Reilly).

Who runs Stoke Central?
Who knobbled Terry and put him on the 'must NOT have' list doled out for loons like me and stooped from representing Labour in a fight with Meredi....Tories?

Here's a clue, it's not Meredith.

By the way Phil. I'd like to draft your next PEO agenda for my CLP.

Item A. Peter Hain and Labour reform.'Refounding Labour'.
a/ 'All memebers meetings' around the UK.
Specifically, page 13.

Please read the document and tell us what you see.
Remember Phil,I was so bad at my job, that my CLP was suspended for breaking the rules.
I accused the NEC and anyone else of being liars and that I/we upheld the rules as always.

I maintain the truth, that Stoke Central became 'all member' on day one and as always, as the senior CLP in the City by a runaway mile, we led the way for the entire Country.

Phil, you have losers who lost every vote at every meeting in Central who became so frustrated at losing(99%), tht the only way to win was to take out the winners.

Impossible to knock all doors.
Sticking to plan and holding public meetings to set the record straight.
I take no prisoners and my agenda to date is in front.
If I win, you have a loyal socialist who does not lie.
You can't ask for more than that.

Phil said...

The one oversight in your conspiratorial argument, Gary, is if Terry is such a pain in the arse for region then why on Earth was he "imposed" by the NEC as the candidate for Eaton Park?

Looking forward to your public meeting by the way.

Gary Elsby said...

The same people nailed Terry as they did me, Mick and Barry. Losers who should be holed up in a bunker.
He just wasn't liked. Simple.
No conspiracy, no nothing. Former Officers just didn't like him.
That's Labour?

In his candidate interview, he was asked by the panel(Coventry.....Libya):
"Why haven't you been out canvassing?"

Terry turned red, then green, then purple and then finally both of his hands moved towards the throats......

I was standing outside the room waiting to be denied a 'pass' that a kid could pass.....

All I heard was, apart from a potential crime scene taking place.."I've got no F******* legs!" you F******* Bas******s!"

Phil, all these little NEC rigged questions were designed to fail upstanding Socialists not cowed by a bullying culture to supress the true Leader of Stoke City Labour Party Chair, Mick Williams (he won all votes for all positions).

I failed my kids interview with spectacular pride and called them all liars and cheats. My interview technique is legendary throughout the Labour Party and was noted by Senior NEC members in London. I was mentioned in despatches. Full honours are given (Private eye, telegraph, Le Monde, BBC).

So how does Terry get the nod.

He passes due to the disability rights campaign he was about to launch at Labour.
They actually shit themselves.10/10

Terry is a legitimate candidate for Labour. How he gets there is a problem for you and not us.

He has our full support.

nb. I gather Stoke Central is in meltdown again and handbags have (yet again) been thrown down.
Not bad considering we are not there.

Nice to see 'Posh and posher' make an appearance at the Uni.
Cue Slater Street!
I've praised Labour today in the Sentinel. Oh, and their Tory mates who shut a kids farm.

Tom Chadwell said...

"Impossible to knock all doors."

Only if you are lazy- which I am guessing you are

Gary Elsby said...

Tell me how to do it Tom and I'll do it.

Are you 18 years old and full of bunny rabbits?

Tom Chadwell said...

Go out at 9am, start at door one in the bottom rights hand corners of your ward map. Continue until 8:30pm (of course stop for lunch etc) and then the next day continue.

Its that simple.

Considering you are bragging on other blogs that you have so much support and so many people willing to help you in should be a piece of cake. With 10 people it should take you about 11 days. Loads of time.

Phil said...

'Campaigning' is the one 'c' word I *don't* often hear in conjunction with Gary's name.

Gary Elsby said...

I'm still trembling with excitement with the photo of Tris with a big NO behind him.
My printing press hasn't stopped.

Tom, I have been out since the end of March, every single day.This weekend saw 15 people out from saturday morning until sunday night. Phase 1 is completed and phase two begins today.

I don't think you understand the situation. I am not a poiitcal party, I am an 'Independent'.
(an Independent waiting to answer the Labour manifesto yet to be unveiled).
Where do I (and ten others) get ten days from?
My campaign is on course to be a successful one, whether I win or whether if fial to get elected.
Out of 250,000 people in this City, I am but one of 200 who stood up to be counted.

Anyway, back to the court case that will (definitely) come around.
What has Peter Hain said about Labour reform?
Remember, I was considered to have broken Labour rules by not issuing a 'all memebers AGM in February 2010'.
My CLP (now in your hands) was therefore suspended.
Cue the parachute and the House of Lords.
I was so bad, I was dropped from entering the hustings to callenge the two times loser TH.

Now, it comes to pass, that I was not wrong and that the entire Country operated in the same way as me and Stoke Central.

I will time future Court action to coincide with my plans.

Stoke Central is not doing too badly, bombing Libya and 'NO to AV'.
Funded by their Lordships.
Taking the piss.

Phil said...

For some reason this didn't show. Here's Gary's latest missive:

I'm still trembling with excitement with the photo of Tris with a big NO behind him.

My printing press hasn't stopped.

Tom, I have been out since the end of March, every single day.This weekend saw 15 people out from saturday morning until sunday night. Phase 1 is completed and phase two begins today.

I don't think you understand the situation. I am not a poiitcal party, I am an 'Independent'.
(an Independent waiting to answer the Labour manifesto yet to be unveiled).

Where do I (and ten others) get ten days from?

My campaign is on course to be a successful one, whether I win or whether if fial to get elected.
Out of 250,000 people in this City, I am but one of 200 who stood up to be counted.

Anyway, back to the court case that will (definitely) come around.
What has Peter Hain said about Labour reform?

Remember, I was considered to have broken Labour rules by not issuing a 'all memebers AGM in February 2010'.

My CLP (now in your hands) was therefore suspended.

Cue the parachute and the House of Lords.

I was so bad, I was dropped from entering the hustings to callenge the two times loser TH. Handy!

Now, it comes to pass, that I was not wrong and that the entire Country operated in the same way as me and Stoke Central.

I will time future Court action to coincide with my plans.

Stoke Central is not doing too badly, bombing Libya and 'NO to AV'.

Funded by their Lordships.

Taking the piss.

Tom Chadwell said...

"Tom, I have been out since the end of March, every single day.This weekend saw 15 people out from saturday morning until sunday night. Phase 1 is completed and phase two begins today."

If that is the case then why can't you knock on every single door in the ward?

Gary Elsby said...

Because knocking on doors is considered a pointless exercise in troubling home-owners who don't wish to be troubled.
Everyone I wish to speak with, will be and they will want me to also. I can only hazard a guess that I have spoken to hundreds of people with my Labour team of friends (oops).
Have you. read my nomination papers being put out?

To put you in the picture and out of your misery,yes, it is easier within a political party full of faithful (but not believeing a word) workers.And yes, it is that much harder for a socialist measage of honesty being delivered by like-minded people.

The charges that I, or my long held friends, in what used to go for Labour around here, did no campaigning at all is pure shite.
We campaigned for many years until the Mayor came along.
We had no common mesage worth fighting for anymore and so we campaigned just as hard to call for change. Not a door would we knock, and if we did, it wouldn't be with a message of Mayoral destruction.
Ignore the crap that we doidn't do anything. We did as much as we could and we fought for change and we WON!
Of course, they came for us at the behest of the losers who now run your CLP and sit in your Cabinet of Care Home closures.
This local election for me will be a winning one and there is no contradiction if I lose the ballot.
I will win and I will see all flaws in this fore-runner of the real thing, a Genral Election on my terms.
No matter what; It is coming.

So what is the messsage of Stoke Central Labour being done on the doors?
No to Osborne's £14bn cuts-Yes to Balls £12bn cuts!

Absolute shite.

My technique is rather more throat cutting.
"Those Bastards on your ballot paper have shut everything down. Are you allowing them to carry on?"

Don't believe me, do you.

Phil said...

Still no word on Gary's anti-cuts alternative ...

Gary Elsby said...

Anti cuts alternative.....
or anti Labour/Conservative cuts programme?

Haven't you read my election amterial this year or seen the DVD?

I can and could write Labour's election manifesto, write my own better one and produce a legal budget that falls way short of any closure programme.

They try to shut a kids farm for ten years. We fight them off and then when we're out, they shut it.

Says lots.
PS. Have you sussed out why an asset stripping campaign of hatred is almost complete in Stoke Central? Care homes etc......

Get real Phil, RF and Reilly are not as innocent or stupid as they look.
The big fight of Constituency obliteration is well underway.

Don't take my word for it Phil, just take Tris around the South and see what goes up in RF's name.

Why do you think RF appoints Central insiders to do his dirty work? Why do you think Reilly appoints other Central insiders to do his dirty work?

You are being buried Phil.

Phil said...

Sadly Gary as I do not live in your ward I am unlikely to have seen your literature. But if you want to post it and your DVD to me c/o the constituency office at 88 Lonsdale Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4DP I would be very happy to read and watch what you have to say.

Btw I should be at the count this year. I'll come over and say hello.

As for the other comments, I am as much as an 'insider' as far as Stoke Central CLP goes as you can be. And believe me, the stuff you're describing about regional place men and the like is fantastical.

Gary Elsby said...

RF appoints a Central member as his 'voice' in the City Party and Reilly appoints a Central 'Woman officer'(two Williams haters)
Why not a South voice for a south MP?
It's bent and it's how losers, win.


They then use a casting vote to remove the person everyone wants as Chair.

Facts Phil. Not fantastical.

Now which 2 of 3 wrote those letters removing Barry and which 2 of 3 wanted Terry Crowe nowhere near a candidates list?

The other 1 is a paper candidate.

I think you already know this but you play the innocent.

But please remember Phil, I redfused to attend any of those meetings, even when the NEC demanded that I did, until a correct and proper vote was taken.
It was never taken.

You're not an Insider Phil, you are in attendance and can't see the wood for the trees because you can't distinguish wood from trees.

Asset stripping to the South isn't fantastical either.
Fisher refused to believe this was going on, or double dealing over schools was happening.
Ask him now.
Take one step back and ask why they would asset strip the centre of Stoke.

Read Hain's report and then ask why Central was suspended.

Phil said...

Gary, times change. Things happen. The local party today is very different from how it was when your clique ruled the roost. You can accept it and move on with your political life or keep banging on about it to the small cohort of people who believe your version of events while at the same time making yourself ever more irrelevant to the good people of our fine city.

PS will you send your material my way or not?

Gary Elsby said...

Small cohort?
Part of the plan is tom keep all Central members up to date.
Things are moving rapidly with me being side-tracked by a local election.
It's typically disturbing to hear that things aren't that way anymore.

Yet one member has all his rights removed by the same cohort with the ear of the RD.
Amazing, that it still goes on.

Anyway, how is the Elected Mayor's strategy coming along?
When are we going to see the Labour Group install a new Mayor without a public vote?
Get a grip Phil. This is on your watch now.

I'm pumping out shed loads of material across my 'natural community' and the reaction to it is satisfactory and up to schedule.

Has Tris and Cental noticed he's lost his care workers yet?
Has he noticed his postcoded OAPs are sidelined in favour of.....gosh!.....ST3 ST4?
Thought not.

Irrelevant at a time of their choosing.
Not irrelevant at a time of my choosing.

Phil said...

Gary, I can exclusively reveal to you that once Labour have control of the Council the Mayoralty shall return and honest dissenters, like yourself, will be herded into a gulag on the old Vic Ground site.

Once that is done Serco will take over the running of absolutely everything, region will locate their base of operations to Stoke-on-Trent and tanks will roll off a repurposed production line at Steelite and Michelin.

Only you, Mick and the guerrilla fighters of Democracy4Stoke can stop us from making this happen!

Sister C said...

Of course we will stop doing all of this as soon as evil Ian Reilly says so, after all he is our leader.

Gary Elsby said...

Ian isn't evil, he's just doing his job as Regional Director.

I wrote the policy that disallows Labour from forming a coalition with the Conservatives.

Ian knows this.He also knows who removed the Mayor.

I won 100% support in Stoke Central,80%+ in the City Party.
The NEC wanted a coalition.

They all knew I spoke for the Party and not them.

At least now you know why I was targetted as having:
'no aims and values consistent with the Labour Party'
Dropped as a potential Labour candidate in the City and for Parlaiament.

You should have seen the NEC's faces when my MP questioned my alleged unsuitability for anything but was a Parlaimentary potential.

Have fun with your Tory mates shutting down Stoke.
Believe me, I'm having a ball.

Keep your eyes on my next move.

Come on Sister C, let us know what your view is of page 13, Peter Hain.

Gary Elsby said...

By the way Sister C.

If at any time you wish to organise me versus Ian and Tris in an 'all members meeting' of Stoke Central to see who has the pulse of the membership, then be my guest.

Shutting down our services.
AV (yes or no)
Cutting deaf childrens services.
David Miliband
Coalition with the Tories.
Paper Candidates
NEC impositions.

Bring on the whole NEC with Reilly and Tris.

Come on.

Gary Elsby said...

I thought I'd copy this over from elsewhere.

The following is from the reform document by Peter Hain:

'The last round of party reform gave constituency parties
the option of moving to All Member Meetings instead
of having a General Committee. The take-up has been
patchy. Most constituency parties probably now have a
General Committee to which all members are welcome as
observers (with voting reserved to elected delegates),
with a sizeable minority moving to All Member Meetings'

My conclusion is as my original conclusion that we were organised AGAINST by a hierarchy that were clueless to what goes on around them.
A cynic would suggest they DID know what was going on around them and they organised to corrupt a democratic process for their own ends.

And we bomb Libya.

Sister C said...

Gary, why on Earth would I want to move the CLP back a year?

You can't come to CLP meetings, you are not a member!

CLP have already had a discussion about the AV vote, it was a very interesting meeting

Phil said...

I don't know if this has escaped your notice, Gary - afterall we all know your grasp on reality is less than firm - but Labour *isn't* in government any more. While you could argue those in the party who back the bombing bear the moral consequences for doing so, they are not responsible for the bombing. That lies with the Tories and LibDems.

Btw, if all member meetings were anti-democratic etc. etc. how come the CLP has quickly rebounded from the train wreck you left behind you upon departure last year? Since your clique upped and left the party has actually *grown* - which must have happened once in a blue moon when you were secretary.

Lastly, unfortunately I still haven't seen any of your literature or seen much evidence of the waves your campaign has obviously been making. I am happy to be proven wrong and would love to see some of your material. Would you be so good as to post some to the constituency office? I'll even pay you the cost of postage when I see you at the count!

Gary Elsby said...

I'm sure the AV discussion was a good one.

For the record, I'd like to make my position clear on this as, according to MPs and PMs, I will be confussed. So here goes:

For my first choice, I will put a 1
For my second choice I will put a 2
For my third choice I will put a 3

For the tellers:
Please put my first vote, 1 in this instance, in the 1 pile.


The CLP was in a mess? No it wasn't at all. I concluded all business up to date and Stoke Central corresponded with everyone and sent delegates to everywhere.
Guess who in Stoke Central let us down in that department.

I know I'm not a member, I walked out and resigned on Radio 4.(haven't you read my literature or seen the DVD?)

OK Phil, so no Labour MP around here put their name to bombing Gaddafi's home. Ok, I'm clear.

Phil, my literature is busily doing the rounds via three seperate election teams.
Nont a word of it resembles Labour's apalling nonsense I have read.
"The Tories made us do it" YOU did it and YOU are the Elected Mayor's Cabinet (one and the same) and busy yourselves shutting everything Meredith wanted shut!

The Tories on the other hand say:
"This Labour Council is shutting everything"

Phil, I'm having a birthday and I truly believe we should have elections evry year, forever.

As you see (or may not), we are busily gathering all evidence to forward a conspiracy against Stoke Central Officers. We haven't gone away and I certainly will be in Court with more evidence than I have now.

I operated Stoke Central to the letter and I did it properly to the rule book.
It will be me Vs the NEC and Reilly.

Feel free to think I don't do what I say I will do, but please restrict yourselves as much as possible into realising that I actually do what I say I will do.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, this bit about giving me a stamp and an envelope if I send you this year's material.

In 30 years membership of Labour,I held many senior positions as well as many minor one's.
Step up to the plate and all that stuff.
Treasurer, Secretary of branches, EU delegate, schools, Secretary of CLP and candidate in local elections (when I had aims and values consistent with the Labour Party).

In all of those 30 years, I did not claim one penny in expenses.
Not a sausage.
It was my way of putting something back into the cause of which I truly believed.

I still do, but not in Stoke-on-Trent and it's set-up.
Set-up being the key word.

So, thank you for offering me a stamp and an envelope and if I have time away from this year's TV appearances, I will consider it.


(I've had a blown up picture of TH and RF with the big 'NO' sent to me. Laugh isn't the word.)

Sister C said...

Awhhh isn't that sweet he loves Tristram and Rob so much he took the time to get their photo blown up.

I knew you loved them really.

If you go back on my tv, i'm going to stop paying my tv license.

Gary Elsby said...

The chief supporter of Elected Mayors wants a police commissioner.
Why is this getting so easy?
Make it a bit harder for me please.

Gary Elsby said...

Getting scared?

Phil said...


Will be good to see you at the count tomorrow, Gary. I'll be in the same room as you. Will come over and say hello if I get a min.

Gary Elsby said...

I'm on about you being scared if the paper candidates do it for Labour?
They'll shut the lot and be told to do so.
The Tories will have made them do it.
How come the Tories won't make me do it?

Phil said...

I still have no idea who these paper candidates are, Gary. I can tell you every single ward in Central ran a campaign. Some more stronger and intensive than others, but there were no paper candidatures here.

Btw, I thought your vote was quite respectable.

I will be doing a proper post about the elections tomorrow.