Thursday, 26 August 2010

David Miliband for Labour Leader

Interestingly the final blanket email to Labour members for David Miliband comes not from him but Jon Cruddas, whose ever-so-surprising endorsement of Miliband the elder yesterday received a bit of traction in the media. Again, this is for information purposes.

Dear Phil

I want a better Labour Party. I want a party that listens to every member, and is on the front foot, working in every area of the country for all our people.

Having watched the leadership election closely, I am convinced that David Miliband is the candidate best placed to take on that task. David Miliband is someone who can lead a credible opposition to the Coalition Government and build a united Labour Party that will offer the hope of a better Britain.

Our party has such talent and energy – we can no longer be defined by division. Every part of our party must be brought together to fight for our common values. And together we will win back power and work to build a Good Society.

This is why I’m supporting David Miliband’s campaign for Leader of the Labour Party. And I’d like you to join David’s and my campaign to rebuild a united Labour Party now:

Labour is a broad church. All sections of our party will need to play a role in creating a movement that will stand up to the Coalition and help build towards the next Labour Government.

There are areas of policy where David and I differ, but we both understand the need for new leadership and a new start. A new leader isn’t the silver bullet to solve our problems. David won’t fix Labour on his own, we all have a role to play. But throughout the Leadership Contest David has shown the best understanding of the traditions of our Party and how best to combat the Coalition Government.

We share a vision of the Good Society. And his Keir Hardie lecture showed the vision to generate a common purpose throughout the Party. I look forward to working with David to renew the Labour Movement so that every member and supporter can play an active role.

Over the past weeks and months all of the candidates have shown a real commitment to Labour. They are all good people. By coming together, we are ready to transform the battleground of British politics – and once again emerge as the best hope of the British people.

Please show your support for a united Labour Party by signing up now. And then share this message with your friends – if Labour is to win again we need to reconnect with the supporters we have lost.

I have listened to the debate - I'm going to vote for David Miliband because I believe he will restore our credibility and rebuild Labour as an ethical and political force. I hope you will support him, too.

Best wishes,


Jon Cruddas MP
Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham

P.S. This election is huge for our party. Whoever you want as leader, please do use your vote. You can use this page here to remind friends and work colleagues about their vote, too.


Brother G said...

Oh Jon, you silly sausage.

Phil said...

Good critique of Jon's decision here from Andy.

Robert said...

When I was in Labour/compass we had Trickett who asked us to come on board join him to fight the 42 day detention, for weeks he was writing about the fight, come voting day the gent voted for a job carrying Brown bags and voted for the 42 day.

We had Cruddas a bloke who told us he was left, fighting to save the Labour party, he told us that Labours welfare reforms were wrong and we needed to fight, he and Compass went to town of course Blair and brown stated we had to have welfare reforms the country could not afford to keep scroungers enjoying the fruit of the tax payers, it was OK for Bankers, anyway came the day of the voting guess who did not bother voting, our beloved right wing Cruddas.

I've learned a long time ago never to bother listening to those that loved dearly beloved Blair, because on thing is for sure Cruddas has a deal to do something to take over something or to become something in New Labour or Newer Labour with Miliband, lets hope it's not to take over as leader in two or three terms time, another Blair brown fiasco is not the best way to go.

Jim said...

Not being a member of the Labour Party It's easy I suppose to sit on the outside and be a disagreeable person, but forgive me for Jon's submissively lost the plot here!"

A broad church; you don't get that one by me comrade!"

Mick Williams said...

A quote for you:
"The working class contains all the material requisite for its own emancipation and the position of anyone not of our class in the movement is a subordinate one - not only in theory but in fact. To place someone not of our class in a position of leadership is and admission of the inferiority of our class and a perpetual source of danger".

[James Connolly, March 1908]

I think he's saying 'bollocks to a broad church' and I'm coming round to that view myself (especially in relation to Blair & Co.) as evidenced by my post on of a few minutes ago.

HARRY PERKINS for Leader !

Mick Williams.

Anonymous said...

David Miliband is was always will be New Labour, after 48 years in the Labour party I can dam well say this. But Miliband David thinks the only way to win the next election is basically to beat the Tories at being a Tory party, he needs as he says to regain the lost Tory voters, not the lost Labour voters.

The fact is if I had to vote in four or five years time to allow Miliband snr in then I think I'll stick with Cameron

Phil said...

If you don't want a broad church, Mick, there's 57 varieties of ideologically pure revolutionary groups you can choose from!

And come on anonymous, David Miliband - though on the right - is a more social democratic figure than Blair and Brown. If you can't see any difference between Miliband the elder and Cameron then politics for you must be a very depressing experience indeed.