Sunday 25 April 2010

Labour's Manifesto on the Trade Unions

We all know Labour are in hock to the trade unions, right? If this thesis of the Tories and their press pack lickspittles is true, you can reasonably assume the party's Manifesto, A Future Fair For All is stuffed full of anti-business propaganda and warm words for trade unions. But wait! There's only one paragraph that mentions unions! It reads on page 22:
Modern trade unions are an important part of our society and economy, providing protection and advice for employees, and working for equality and greater fairness in the workplace. We welcome their positive role in encouraging partnership and productivity.
Of course, our friends the right aren't easily fooled. Behind the carefully weighted praise for trade unions lies a shadowy communist conspiracy itching to nationalise the commanding heights of the economy and send fearless freedom fighters like Melanie Phillips and Richard Littlejohn off to the Hebridean gulag. It has to be the right explanation. Surely affiliated unions aren't happy to shovel over the cash for very little policy influence in return? It would never happen in the Tory party!


MikeSC said...

With the Lib Dems promising further restrictions on trade union activity- a government veto over strikes that may harm the public good in the private or public sector I think?

Cable was on radio last month talking about placing further legal barriers in the way of strikes anyway.

Also, I've got a highly unpleasant word verification here: "succrac". Ew.

Phil said...

Indeed. Whether you're Labour minded or, for understandable reasons, would prefer a Lib/Lab coalition, the bigger the vote Labour gets, the less likely it will have to make further anti-working class concessions to potential coalition partners.

tom mackenzie said...

Don't vote tory if you want Britain to be a BLOODSPORT FREE ZONE. For more comment see;