Saturday 5 December 2009

Love Music, Hate Scooter

It's no secret I absolutely detest Scooter. They are the Oasis of dance music. They rip off other tunes in the same way Noel Gallagher was "inspired" by T-Rex and Stevie Wonder. Their songs all sound the same. And yet they're inexplicably popular, despite regularly inflicting abominations on the record-buying public.

Do you recall last October when I blamed Scooter for serving up my
worst musical nightmare? On that occasion they married their awfulness to that relentless juggernaut of dirge, Status Quo. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they come up with this:

Quite apart from the cheesy sexism of the video, The Sound Above My Hair offends not only because it cheekily rips off Black's yawn-along anthem, Wonderful Life, but see the song's bag pipe section 1:09 in? They've nicked the melody of Sydney Carter's cringeworthy hymn, Lord of the Dance! And yet somehow made it sound even worse. If you're going to nick something, at least try and improve on the original, eh? Words cannot describe this level of awful.

Well done Scooter, you've beaten off tough competition from
Basshunter to retain the worst song of the year crown. Now please, do us all a favour and go and burn your synthesisers.

Meanwhile a few slices of the very best of what the 00s have had to offer electronic music-wise are available here.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I like posts like these Phil, they shine a light on you more than your other ones and obviously, I am in total agreement with you.

Dave Semple said...

Absolutely correct about Scooter; I have detested them for nigh on ten years now.

However, the "Lord of the Dance" is not a hymn, however it has since been ripped off.

It was originally religious music, entitled "Simple Gifts", for dancing to - composed by one of the Elders of the Shakers. It was thrust to fame by Aaron Copeland in his Appalachian Spring (and can thus be heard every weekday, near enough, on Classic FM).

The original lyrics are much better than the effusive twee rubbish of "Lord of the Dance", and I find the music quite evocative of that period in American history. Check it out.

Phil said...

Ah, I listed it as a hymn because we were often forced to sing it during Mrs Price's hymn practice on a Thursday morning.

Jim Page said...

I will not share with you which band is my ringtone on my mobile then....

Blame my 9 year old neice for this, honest.

Dave said...

Sound like every other dance music track I've ever heard. You are into some truly shit music, Phil. Go listen to some punk rock.

Phil said...

I believe you, Jim.

Dave - I suggest you reread that excellent post Kit Leary did for you on dance music a couple of years back.