Saturday 27 June 2009

Idolaters, Fornicators, Murderers ... Repent!

After doing regular Socialist Party stalls on Saturday mornings for a while, you get to know who the local mad heads are. Sometimes the entertainment is provided by a goggle-eyed charity joke book seller who approaches the great Potteries public with the line "I'm not a weirdo!" Or by a woman who often drops by our stall who credits Stoke SP for getting her laser eye treatment sorted on the NHS(!). We get the occasional fool who thinks things would have been better off under Hitler - cue much firm but patient explanation. There's another lad who drops by and insists on signing all our petitions stretching right back to our solidarity work with the Burslem 12. And from time to time a Workers' Power supporter tries to sell us a copy.

Unfortunately, our favourite devil-dodgers,
Park Evangelical did not grace Hanley with their saintly presence today. But this isn't to mean souls weren't saved! That cross was bourn aloft by a solitary middle-aged woman who doled out fundamentalist Christian leaflets with meek abandon. And we're talking fundamentalist with a capital F here. She is to Park Evangelical what the cpgb-ml is to the Communist Party

While reading her leaflet I was struck by a stark similarity between it and much ultra-left propaganda - neither pay any attention to framing their ideas intelligently or relating them to existing (religious, political) consciousness.

But I was so taken with her uncompromising message (and grammar!) I couldn't resist preserving the leaflet's text for all eternity. Behold!

Time is running out on you

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. No one knows the date, month or year this world was created, no one knows the ending.

Gen.1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Rev.1 verse 8: I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending. Repent.
Rev 20: God has appointed a day in which he is going to judge the world, all nations.

What God is going to judge you for is sin. Stealing, lies, racism, adulterous fornication, idolatries, evil thoughts, murderers, drug users and pushers, lustful and rejecting Jesus Gods gift to you. Occult involvement such as fortune telling, witchcraft and palm readings. Repent or perish the choice is yours. This is a warning Jesus is coming soon. Repent. The animals in Noah's days went into the Ark and were safe, run to Jesus for safety because he is the only one that can save you. It does not matter what you have done for the love of God is more than your sins. He is waiting for you with open heart to receive you. Turn to him before it is too late. Time is running out on you. Repent.

You cannot say you have not been warned on the judgment day. Repent.


Anglonoel said...

'adulterous fornication'- non-adulterous fornication is ok then? ;-)

Phil said...

Think that's covered under 'evil thoughts'. Face it, we're all screwed.

realist said...

But don't forget that the christian nutters polled more votes in the Euro elections than No2EU! Sad but true!

Phil said...

Tell me about it. The Christians managed 249,493 votes, which was more than No2EU's 153,236 but way below the combined far left vote of 350,339. It is a truism of electoral politics that voters punish disunity - something the left should keep in mind.

adamd said...

we're doing ok on the nutjob front in medway at the mo.

did i tell you about the bloke with all the carrier bags who did his own 'save our post office' leaflet?

well he's drifted away. we've got a revolutionary poet, but he's harmless enough, the evangelicals stay on the other side of the highstreet now.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...


ted said...

They are some seriously f***ed up individuals (militant god-squadders).

Some Youth Fight for Jobs activists and I were doing a stall in Brum on Sat and a young chap came over and asked what the campaign was all about. I briefly explained and he responded "how does this all relate to God?"

I suspected fundamentalism but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Last time I ever do that. A complete and utter freak who deliberately posed questions about capitalism and socialism in order to bring the discussion around to God.

Foolishly I continued to tell him that, although I'm an atheist, I've nothing against religious people but with the best will in the world some kind god-fearing people trying to make the world a better place is going to come to nought as they run into the systemic contradictions and inequalities of capitalism, and so on.

After initially saying he would be interested in getting involved he eventually said that he's changed his mind and that I could turn out to be the next Hitler.

And he nicked a pamphlet.

Watch them!

Phil said...

Lol, I imagine you get far more colourful characters in Birmingham than here. I suppose that's one of the benefits of being a small town provincial.

skidmarx said...

Especially if you celebrate the Sabbath on the wrong day:

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I don't mark the Sabbath at all, does that mean I AM Satan?


Leftwing Criminologist said...

We have really organised fundamentalists who every first saturday of the month come into town with a pa and everything.

we also have a man who comes up every so often and tries to turn any conversation whatsoever into one about Lloyd George

Neil said...

In Brixton we fought a five year turf war with the Nation of Islam over our stall spot. They would mostly show up mob handed and try to crowd us off our spot although a couple of times they set up huge speakers next to us and blasted out music for two hours. Eventually 7/7 put paid to their public activity for a whole period although they have come back on the streets in the last year. They stay on the opposite side of the street though.

The real menaces however, are the various (Christian) God squads. They also love nothing better than setting up a dirty great PA system and frightening the life out of children and old people with hard core Christian hip hop played at unreasonably loud levels. This is normally followed by exhortations to mend your ways, stop shooting people, taking drugs, fornicating etc through following the way of Jesus. There’s a couple of groups who do this, one is a Brazillian crew who go around dressed in combats and matching T-shirts saying ‘Jesus Army’. Then there is the more old school groups of old Afro-Caribbean women who walk up and down the road calling for people to repent at the top of their voices. There is even group of old white women who seem obsessed with sodomy and spend the whole day roaring out homophobic diatribes. We call them the ‘Joan Collins Fan Club’ because of their eerily similar hair do’s and appalling politics. Occasionally, when paper selling is slow, we might shout pro sodomy slogans at them just to wind them up.

Added into this mix are some of the, how shall I put it… characters, who inhabit the streets of Brixton. They are generally a perfect example of why care in the community is such a rotten idea. All of them seem to have led harsh existences that has broken them mentally in one way or another. There’s one bloke who parades up and down the high street with a dandy walking stick, speaking complete gibberish and giggling for no readily apparent reason. There’s also another woman who lies down on the footpath and screams at random intervals. Although they sometimes come up to us they mostly menace the Christians, especially if they play music. I remember one Saturday the Christians had a brainwave that they were going to hold hands and dance in praise of Jesus or something. The idea was to get members of the public to dance with them I suppose. This being Britain though no right minded person would dance with them apart from a horde of Brixton’s more eccentric characters. Our friend the screamer put in a bravura performance by deliberately falling over on top of the people she was dancing with and then screaming until someone helped her up and then repeating the whole performance a minute later over and over again! The hip hop Christians didn’t venture out again for two months after that traumatic experience.

Almost makes you believe in divine justice. :)