Sunday 15 March 2009

More Blogs You May Have Missed

Last month's feature highlighting new and not-so-new left blogs was a success, judging by some of the comments received here and at Socialist Unity. Here are some other new(ish) blogs you may have missed:

Better Burn That Dress, Sister - "I’m 26, Aries, Feminist, agnostic, live in a small village in Northumberland in between Hexham and Newcastle. Like cats, tolerate dogs reasonably well, yada yada yada. I’m writing a 50 000 word MA thesis about women in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s all due to finish in June 2009. Hm, what else? I used to blog at Uncool til I got ratted out and now I’m here. I’m a big Virginia Woolf fan, am a horrible book snob - I judge you by your library, love my mates, I’ll probably always prefer birds to actual people. When I grow up I’d like a damn cool job with a lot of money. Oh, and a really, really nice car."

Moving Online - "I am a student, researcher, marker of papers, urban wanderer, thinker, raging lefty (in terms of both politics and dexterity)..."

POUMISTA - "Against fascism and Stalinism" - a blog that's (mainly) dedicated to defending the revolutionary heritage of the Spanish civil war.

Spring Thunder - Maoist blog following the student occupation movement in defence of Gaza.

The Third Estate - "Welcome to The Third Estate. We are a group of writers and activists who met at Cambridge in the early 2000s. We aim to offer progressive, irreverent and atypical commentary on current events. We hope you enjoy."

If you have a new left blog or know one that would like a plug, please let me know at philbc03 at and it will be featured in next month's round-up.

Further public announcement: The Carnival of Socialism is imminent over at
Stroppyblog. In a fortnight's time yours truly will be compiling the Carnival at this very location. If you would like anything plugged get in touch at the address above.

The Carnival showcases the best of what leftyblogland has to offer and is always looking for new blogs to support it. Interested? Get in touch with the editors


rsrcher said...

Never imagined my little project on the follow-up to the recent Greek uprising would be getting plugs elsewhere! Cool.

'ppreciate the solidarity of A Very Public Sociologist...and the helpful links to others with something to say.

stroppybird said...

Thanks for plugging the Carnival. I mentioned you are doing the next one and will remind me again.

Frank Partisan said...

Thank you for the links.

I discovered POUMISTA in my stat counter.