Friday 9 January 2009

Get Your Voting Fingers Out!

Blogging polls might not mean anything in the real world, but they're still nice things to win. And would you Adam and Eve it, there happens to be one ongoing as I write! The 2008 Weblog awards is probably the biggest going, so for any finalist and the eventual winner the prize is many hundreds and thousands more visitors to their blog. To give you a clue about the numbers we're dealing with, since Monday, the awards claim to have had 950,000 visits. That might not be a number of absolute uniques, but it's still a bloody lot of people!

For this reason there are three bloggers who need your support.

First is my comrade and friend
Madam Miaow. She has been nominated in the best culture blog category, and is, as far as I know, the only left-winger in sight. If everyone who visited this blog in the last week voted for her she would easily cruise into the lead. So get your voting fingers out and support a comrade! Vote for Madam Miaow here.

Neil Clark caused a bit of an upset last year by pipping Iain Dale and Guido to the post in the best UK blog award category. He's up again, but this time the right have concentrated their support on the arch reactionary, Melanie Phillips. Neil offers a take on current affairs and international relations less based on wishful thinking than Mad Mel, so give him your support.

Lastly, in the Middle East or Africa
category, there is only one blog offering an alternative to the Gaza slaughter cheer leader brigade, and that's Juan Cole's Informed Comment. So give him a click!

I never endorse multiple voting, but if you are so inclined you can vote once every 24 hours. But remember, in these instances proxy servers can be your friend!


Vicky said...

Looks like Melanie Phillips is going to walk it... Shame.

Frank Partisan said...

I voted for Miaow.

I want her to get into an argument someday with my rightist nudist friend Sonia.

Anonymous said...

Well I've voted several times but it looks like both leftists contenders are a bit behind.

Btw Phil, I've shifted my blog over the Wordpress, can you update your links? Cheers.

Luis Enrique said...

"Neil offers a take on current affairs and international relations less based on wishful thinking than Mad Mel"

I suppose MM might be worse than NC, but they are both foaming lunatics whose victories shame the blogosphere. How can you not see that NC is repulsive nut job?

Anonymous said...

For the first time ever, I agree with Luis. If you must give credence to this ridiculous exercise (I mean, look at the shortlist) by participating in it, vote for whoever's most likely to beat Mad Mel - some blog I'd never heard of from Birmingham, the last time I looked.

Alex Greenberg said...

I just went through every category in the awards. Here I thought that blogs were the left's bastion; turns out that the Conservative Pajama Media types have the blogosphere locked down. It's disgusting.

Phil said...

Neil Clark isn't mad - he's mistaken on a number of issues, but certainly not mad.