Sunday 16 November 2008


Regular readers are aware I do like to inflict my music taste upon them from time to time. And why not? Comrades should have the option to have a boogie while digesting my musings on Obama, Marxism, Sexuality and suchlike.

I'm not backward about being forward with my musical opinions either, and I'm afraid there's something that has really got my goat, musically speaking, in 2008, and that would be the rise of "remixed" re-releases.

As a general rule, and forgetting for a moment the music business is, well, a business, a cover or remix should bring something to the track that's being covered. For example, see Britney Spears' (You Drive Me) Crazy here. Compare it with the cover by obscure kid metal outfit, SugarComa:


(Fact fans - until Ken MacLeod started commenting on this blog, my biggest claim to fame was receiving an email from Sugarcoma's drummer).

SugarComa's is an (unintentionally hilarious) example of how a track should be re-imagined. It's a pity this is lost on much contemporary dance music. Take for instance the original vocal mix of Toca's Miracle by Fragma and the 2008 "remix". Where's the difference? See Alex Party's dancefloor monster from the mid 90s? What does the 2008 version bring, aside from a tacky video?

It seems no one can escape it, not even Sash!, who was responsible for some of the best mid-90s floor fillers. His latest single, Raindrops is practically unlistenable because of the way it's been draped around the skeleton of Encore Une Fois. Terrible!

Anyway, I'm glad that's off my chest now. Intent on leaving you on a high note (literally), here's Blue Ray feat. comrade Jimmy Sommerville. Try not to laugh at the video, this ocean of flesh is supposed to be a serious arty piece!

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