Saturday 7 June 2008

Blog Roll Round-Up

It's been a long time since I last took a look at the blog roll. This is partly because of the lack of time, but also because I've created a rod for my own back. It's been a month since AVPS last took a look at the latest movers and shakers in leftyblogland and since then loads more have been heaped onto it.

Without further ado, it's hello to A Few Words Before We Go, Boffy's Blog, Craig Murray, Don't Trip Up, Five Chinese Crackers, Green From Below, Handala Blogs, John McD's Union Blog, Johninnit, Kicking Over the Idol, Kotaji, Lancaster Unity, Lay Science, Mark Steel, Mask of Anarchy, Patience and Perseverance, Rolled-up Trousers, spEak You're bRanes, The Tory Troll, and The Void. Phew, that's a lot of blogs!

All these blogs are excellent and deserve a wider readership. But there's a few that stand out for some reason or another. First there's Boffy's Blog, written by Stoke labour movement legend, Arthur Bough. His blog is an eclectic mix of polemic, Marxism, current affairs commentary, essays and labour movement history. The AWL apparently banned him from their site for a short period - does that serve as a recommendation? ;)

Lancaster Unity needs little introduction to anti-fascists. As a source of gossip and info on the BNP and other far right knuckle-draggers, I personally much prefer it to the national Unite Against Fascism site. Then there is spEak You're bRanes, a merciless piss-taking catalogue of right-wing comments vomited onto the BBC's Have Your Say discussion boards. Really, some comrades have too much time on their hands ... Complimenting spEak nicely is The Tory Troll, an avid watcher of the desperate and the degenerate found inhabiting the opposition benches, the media, blogland and of course London's City Hall. Finally, I have to mention The Void for this article. I don't know what is worse - a wannabe porn star offering to have sex with keyboard warriors for defending the internet's "neutrality", or the hordes of desperate guys trying to impress just for a bonk! Oh dear.

And finally, after a period of inactivity, it's good to see For a New Left Party, Plattitude, Karl Marx Strasse and SouthPawPunch are back in action. If there are any more great blogs out there not listed do let me know.


Imposs1904 said...

Whatever happened to the Militant-Tendency Blogspot?

Did it give up the ghost or is it still invite only?

Phil said...

Militant still exists but nothing has been posted on it since last May. It has been indefinitely parked until such a time someone takes the reins up again.

Imposs1904 said...

Nah worries.

Just happened to stumble across it the other day, prior to clicking on your blog.

gray said...

hi Phil

glad to have given you a smile! Didn't think I was all that irate an SPGBer though ;o)

scott redding said...

If you could consider adding our blog when you have a moment ...