Sunday, 17 February 2008

Steve Fossett - It's a Conspiracy!

I can't imagine many political blogs will have picked up on this. Especially as the bloggertariat are probably pouring over the nationalisation of Northern Rock right now. Just cast your mind back to early September. Steve Fossett, bourgeois adventurer extraordinaire took off on a routine flight from a private air strip in Nevada, and vanished without a trace.

Befitting a man of his position and wealth, an area the size of Wales was scoured by civilian and private rescuers alike. They didn't find his crash site, but they did discover the wreckage from at least six previous (and uncharted) aviation accidents. But still, they couldn't find anything. It's not too surprising, the Nevada landscape is cracked with canyons of varying size that could easily hide an aircraft from eyes in the sky.

As the searches turned up nothing, Peggy Fossett petitioned to have her husband officially declared dead. A judge agreed, and this was granted on Friday.

The mystery of Fossett's fate has caused a great deal of speculation. Some of this has, how shall we say, taken something of a conspiratorial bent. Take this wonder from Rumour Mill News:

Something just occurred to me....
On Aug. 30th we had the B-52 nuke incident, no one knows for sure if there were 5 or 6 nukes yet.
If there were 6 ONE IS MISSING
On Sept. 3rd, we are being told that a famous man went missing... a highly connected famous man.
for days they have been searching for him.....
This all just hit me when I was watching the news for the first time in about two weeks, and I heard them say that the MILITARY is helping to look for this Fossett guy.
WHAT? The Military????
It was then that it hit me....
You've got to admire the audacious leaps of logic. Here's another, from the freakish realm of Yahoo Answers:

Area 51 is within round trip distance. Steve is a curious aviator, to say the least. Area 51 is an aviator's mystery. Hmmmm.

Add the fact that Steve just disappeared, no trace, no crash scene, and the area has been well searched now.

I'm not talking aliens, but do you think the government could be involved?

Yes, that's right, Steve Fossett thought he'd take a quick trip to Groom Lake but got himself shot down, and the US Air Force are covering up.

I don't know about you, but conspiracy theories ain't what they used to be. For starters, where are the transdimensional lizards?

But we all really know what happened to Steve Fossett. Cast your mind back to September 11th, 2001. No one seriously believes those airliners were piloted by terrorists, they were directed by REMOTE CONTROL, from World Trade Centre Tower Seven. That's why it had to be demolished - TO GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE. But one piece of evidence remained: Steve Fossett. It was Steve Fossett who sat in that control room on that fateful day. Only he had the expertise to pilot a jet into the side of ... a building. HE was the weakest link in the conspiracy, so he HAD TO DISAPPEAR. I don't know if the US government used BLACK HELICOPTERS or the project AURORA craft to bring Fossett in to Area 51, but we won't see him again. Like the folk of American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, he has been detained inside Cheyenne Mountain.

I might not have the evidence to prove it, but can you disprove it? Hmmmm?


Anonymous said...

Fossett has angered the Lizard King and paid the ultimate price!

Duncan said...

I would also like to point out that I have never seen you and Steve Fossett in the same room or seen a photograph of you together.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that when I heard he had gone missing, I erm...laughed.

air said...

I'm not sure if you have a point of comparison, but are these types of conspiracy stories more prevalent in Britain than elsewhere? I was once in London, talking to a British friend of mine who was calmly telling me that the US Government bombed the Pentagon on 9/11. All I could do was smile and nod and try to comprehend the crazy. And she's an Oxford grad, who should, therefore, know better.

Anonymous said...

It's almost as crazy as the one about Rupert Murdoch giving orders to the Procurator Fiscal (public prosecutor) in Edinburgh and to Lothian and Borders Police to hunt down Tommy Sheridan.
Oh hang on a minute, the Socialist Party in England has signed up to that particular conspiracy theory.

Frank Partisan said...

If you think Area 51 is something, you should see Area 46.

Phil said...

Anon, no need to be so shy! I don't think there is a conspiracy stretching from the SSP through the cops to the News International boardroom. Nor do I believe there was a plot to get Tommy in the first place. But serious questions need to be answered. See this, from the Solidarity press release:

"The resources allocated to this investigation thus far, both in terms of public money and police manpower, constitutes grounds for a public inquiry. Reports have suggested that over £1million pounds will have been spent by the time this investigation reaches its end. This is an amount that far exceeds the £750,000 spent on the recent 'cash for peerages' investigation into corruption at the heart of the British Government. As for manpower, recent news reports have stated that over twenty officers have been working on this investigation full time for over a year. Given that Lothian and Borders Police currently holds the onerous distinction of the worst record of any police force in the country when it comes to successfully investigating cases involving rape, the public has a right to know how they can afford such an allocation of manpower into matters arising from a civil defamation case".

Air, I don't think conspiracy theories are more prevalent in Britain than they are in the US. But the conspiracy fringe does have a fairly significant presence in the anti-war movement via the 9-11 truth movement. Duncan above can tell you a thing or two about their shenanigans.

air said...

Oh, I know those folks ;) They put literature in all the history professors and graduate students' mailboxes asking why we won't tell students the truth about 9/11...

Anonymous said...

Americans calling the English stupid!!?? Now that is a conspiracy.