Saturday, 12 January 2008

Blogging Round Up

Just a quick one this evening.

Leftwing Criminologist blogs about one of the few aspects of the Russian Revolution not endlessly poured over by lefties and academics alike: crime. In his review of an article on the subject, he takes the author's central thesis - that the Bolsheviks fed off uncontrolled crime between February and October - apart, while arguing we need to understand the relationship between crime and revolutionary processes. Well worth a read.

I've been meaning to plug A Femanist View for a long time. Snowdrop is one of very few men who would describe himself as a feminist AND blogs mainly about feminism, sexuality, and gender issues. His recent post, Internet Webcam Sex Shows, is not for the faint-hearted. It is a brutally honest meditation on his desires and the politics of this particular form of adult entertainment. The rest of his blog is excellent too and is a must-read for anyone interested in the politics of sexuality.

Jim blogs on the political usage of the Reichstag Fire, which reminds me that we're coming up to the 75th anniversary of the Nazis taking power. Expect plenty of leftyblog comment over the next few weeks. And while we're on the subject of Jim, he's got together with Dave M and John Angliss to resurrect the much-missed Carnival of Socialism. Editors are needed so nip over to the site and volunteer! (I'm pondering on doing so myself).

Ian Bone's latest is perhaps the most surprising. This incorrigible class warrior, purveyor of extreme anarchist sectarianism, and scourge of the rich ... writes nice things about Sir Edmund Hillary! I do agree with what he writes (for once), but this is distinctly unBone-like. Could he be finally chilling a bit after his long involvement in the fringe of the fringe?

Louise, Septic Isle, Dave, and Susan have a few things to say about Peter Hain's difficulties. Surely he cannot survive this fiasco. And Neil (top UK Blogger of 2007, apparently) writes about the launch of the Campaign for Public Ownership. While we're on politics, Madam Miaow, Charlie, and Snowball have some things to say about Tony Blair's newest part time job. Nice work if you can get it.

Finally, I have to draw attention to the newest kid on the block and perhaps the first new British-based left blog of 2008. A Bit Like Lenin promises to be full of "vented frustrations" and "midnight ramblings". Knowing the comrade as I do, he forgot to add 'merciless piss-taking'. I'm sure comrades will warmly welcome the new arrival to the velvet padded viper pit that is leftyblogland, and add him to their blogrolls.

If there are any blogs missing from the roll that you think should be there, let me know.


Anonymous said...

cheers for the plug brother. i think i show plenty of mercy!....still tis good to inspire opinion

Anonymous said...

thanks for the linkage, and for bigging me up so enthusiastically. I guess "brutally honest" is a natural trait of mine...

Leftwing Criminologist said...

thanks for linking to the post on the russian revolution and crime - as you say it's something no-one ever discusses - but similarly with other revolutions which i'll be trying to cover at a later date

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks for the plug, Phil. Blair this time, Bush last time.

blackstone said...

ahh, thanks for the link to the socialist carnival, hope to get involved in that